Thursday, January 8, 2015

46th Ward Crime Trends From 2011-2014

From Ald. Cappleman's latest email blast:
It's always good to reflect back on the past to make sure we're moving forward in the right direction. Throughout my term that started in 2011, I implemented a number of different public safety measures, and many of them involved stronger collaboration of my office with the police, CAPS, the schools, local businesses, social services, and most importantly, people like you.

To accurately assess whether or not our interventions are working, it's important to have clear and objective information about crime in our neighborhoods. The Chicago Tribune's website is helpful because it provides crime trends for 3 different categories: property, quality of life, and violent crimes. From the chart below, it's clear that the action plans we've implemented are producing positive results.
All crime must be taken seriously and every community in Chicago must remain vigilant in reducing crime. I am committed to seeing even further reduction in these statistics but need your continued help. The key to this trend is making sure that we all are working together. I want to especially thank all of you who call 9-1-1, go to CAPS on a regular basis, and work with my office on persistent issues.

For more information about the interventions used to lower crime in the 46th Ward, click here to view the 46th Ward Master Plan.



  1. Ah it's my favorite time of year--campaign season.

    .....candidates roasting on an open fire..........pander bells ringing.......

    The Capplemaniac is indirectly responding to the Crawford campaign. Amy is in full "Pander Bear" mode. What's a pander bear you ask? Well listen to this video and you can answer that question yourself. I'm surprised. She seems reluctant to criticize Rahm because he inherited a tough situation. Cappleman on the other hand apparently inherited a unified Xanadu and has systematically ruined the ward. I thank Amy for reminding me how perfect Uptown was before Cappleman ruined it. I know some of you may think I'm being sarcastic, but you would be wrong. I LUV Amy. She's the perfect candidate. She uses many words and says nothing. She's an Uptown version of Bill Clinton without the zipper issues.

    Let's look at the murder stats since that is one of her big talking points when she's not massaging Rahm's feet. In 2013 there was one homicide in Uptown. Thank medical improvements for that one folks because I think we had about twenty people shot. In 2014 five people died from gunshot wounds in Uptown. Here's some numbers from Redeye since 2007.

    Last year was thankfully an "outlier" with only one homicide. This year went back to the normal range we've seen over the last eight years or so. Those two things combined lead to one hell of a talking point. Homicides up by 400 percent! Uptown is going to hell! Hide your daughters IrishPirate has no pants on! Wait, Bill Clinton is with him run for the hills! "Oh gawd, Hillary and I just luv Chicago. So many college girls with daddy issues running around and Rahm. We love Rahm. He's a hoot and he knows how to to raise money. Did I mention daddy issues? Hillary is in Iowa right now and I'm feeling frisky."

    Now I will end this overlong comment in a few more lines taken from Amy's sites. Read them and judge for yourself. I could add a bit, but besides pointing out where her money is coming from I won't. That's because I trust you folks are savvier than the average pander bear apologists out there.




    A Leader to Unite the 46th Ward

    I'm nine "likes" away from 500!! Share my status and page with a friend and help me reach 500!

    My Columbus event was a great success! Many old family and friends came to wish my campaign luck! Thanks to all who came out!!

    Innocent bystander shot in head in drive-by across from Truman College. We need stronger leadership on street safety.

    So far who raised the most Q4 $ among 200+ non-incumbent aldermanic challengers? No one comes close to @amyfor46.(She can thank her law partners for this. Perhaps one donation from the 46th Ward reported as of last week. Maybe I missed another)

    Here's an invite to a downtown reception for Amy. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many ward residents will be there? Not counting Amy, her wife and child I'm guessing the number will be 1. Perhaps I'm wrong and it will be in single digits.

  2. Ah, yes. And I've already gotten calls for three different push-polls in the past week. According to the "pollsters", Ms. Davis will look out for EVERYONE in the Ward because she's a uniter, Ms. Crawford single-handedly brought same-sex marriage to Illinois (and also magically has a yet-undescribed ability to halt crime, add several hundred new police officers, and re-open all the closed schools without telling us how she would accomplish this), and Cappleman is an ogre whose FIRST priority is shipping pigeons to Indiana for dark purposes--followed by stopping the Salvation Army from feeding the homeless, and turning over low-income housing to developers for high-priced CONDOS!!! Oh. And Ms. Davis will bring balance once again to a neighborhood that has too many rich people, Ms. Crawford will bring more development to the Ward (POOF!! there's that magic wand again!), and Cappleman wants to shut down all SROs. And kill the poor pigeons.

    I was amused by the reactions of the "pollsters" with Indian and New Jersey accents (or was it Ohio accents?) when I laughed out loud and told them several times that their statements were crocks of sh*t. It's pretty transparent who they're "polling" for, and it doesn't help certain campaigns when they have non-Chicago/Chicago-ignorant "pollsters" who can't pronounce their names--even if they manage to patch in their call centers to give the appearance that their calls are coming from 312 or 773. So happy to see that they're concerned enough about Uptown that they spend their campaign money out of state and out of country. And I'm happy that I've also had a couple of calls from volunteers for the Cappleman campaign--from 773. Cappleman may not be all things to all people, but you have to admit that he walked in after the Shiller sows had snorted the trough clean (and they left behind a pretty thick layer of manure before they waddled out the door)...and Cappleman has done a decent job at the herculean task of washing clean the Stygian Stables without starving us all out from a lack of feed.

  3. OMG that woman scares me more than Denise! Did she really say murders were up 400%?

  4. Holy crap I just got the pollster on the phone..... Do they think I am stupid? What a bunch of BS.

  5. Go to 2:50 in the video I linked to and you will hear Amy talk about the homicide rate. "The murder rate in Uptown go up 400 percent" then a few moments later she says 50 percent regarding murders since last year. Gotta get those talking points down Amy. Practice your pander bear skills.

    She also talks about how involved she's been in the ward. Really? Can you say bullshit? I knew you could. Up until the moment she announced Littleton had a bigger profile in the ward than her. Hell, I'm an anonymous asshole and I had a bigger profile and after she loses I will likely once again regain the profile title along with the "twerker". I live very close to her and have attended more than a few public meetings and I never heard of her or saw her before.

    I love her use of talking points and phrases. "Pragmatic Leader than can bring people together." "Preserving diversity". "Balanced Pragmatic leader can really bring the ward forward."

    What we have here is as she says on her website someone who was raised with liberal Catholic values. However, for the past ten years or so she's been a highly successful lawyer working at one of the top law firms in the country largely defending big corporations in class action lawsuits. Can you say "cognitive dissonance"? I knew you could. Yes, she's also done pro bono work for gay rights and some other good stuff too. She's not entirely about defending big corporations from the ravages of widowed mothers and their sickly children.

    She is a good representative of the social liberal wing of the Democratic party that values inclusion and defending big corporations. I heard a good description of Hillary Clinton recently: "A Methodist who wants to live like an Anglican Bishop". Well Crawford may be a liberal Catholic who wants to live like a Catholic Bishop----well Catholic Bishop pre Pope Francis.

    This is some magnificent pander bear bullshit she's trying to sell. She's simultaneously trying to get the support of the nostalgic hippie vampires who pine for the dystopic Uptown of the past AND the 23% of the ward that voted for Rauner. I don't think it can be done, but damn she will give it one hell of a try.

    I underestimated her skills. I thought of her as some political dilettante talked into running by her left wing non profit working friends who would phone in a campaign, but she's much more than that. She's a hard working, very bright individual and what we have here folks is the making of a real campaign.

    You can see in that video at least partially why she's such a successful attorney.

    If I were to say "my nipples are exploding with delight' at the prospect of this campaign this post might not be put thru by the moderators. So I won't say that.

    What I will say is that my good buddy Jason, IOF, and I need to make peace for the next 48 days or so. Can't an asshole like me and a douchebag like you come together temporarily for the good of the ward? We need to work together and separately to rally our neighbors against Amy's campaign.

    I hate to go Churchillian, but it's called for:

    We shall fight in Buena Park,

    We shall fight in Lakeview,

    We shall fight in the highrises and center entrance condos,

    We shall fight in the high end and low end rentals,

    We shall fight on Wilson and we shall fight at the bus stops,

    We shall fight on Clark and we shall fight in Sheridan Park,

    We shall fight in Clarendon Park and we shall fight on Lawrence,

    We shall fight in the Green Mill and the Uptown Lounge,

    We shall fight on the roof of the Uptown Theater with peregrine falcons at our side,

    We shall fight for every last Jelly Donut,Frangipane and fruit tart at Baker and Nosh,

    We shall never surrender!


  6. Well I did get a Cappleman paid robocall from Jan Schankowsky. Yeah, I know I'm spel'in her name wrong, but the thought of Baker and Nosh has muddied my teeny brain.

    What's interesting is the reports of push polls for Denice. That's some expensive stuff. Where it would be coming from is an interesting question. Teacher's Union? Some other union. Something else entirely? I could picture some conniving Crawford supporters sending support indirectly to Denice to try to force a Capplerunoff. Denice hasn't reported raising the type of money needed to do serious push polling. There's some other organization or individual likely at work there. Could be a rogue operation entirely. We need to call in "The Shadow" and find out what he knows.

  7. Whatever it takes, even if I have to get along with IP. Now you know I am REALLY desperate!!

  8. See if we can get along why can't the rest of the world get along? That's Amy--a UNITER.

    I found a website to make Amy's campaign easier. It creates slogans.

    Here's some samples for her campaign to work with. I mean the mindlessness is breathtaking. Whoever is advising her campaign should like more than a few of them.


    or my personal favorites



    Making the world a better place
    Taking action, getting results
    Results with resolve
    You want great results, (Name) wants great resolve
    You will find more change with (Name) for (Office) than in your pocket
    (Name) for (office) He/She is eager to work, your eager for results
    (Name) managing the future
    The choice for better change.
    Breaking barriers, building a future
    Education makes options. (Name) makes results
    A fresh start
    A new voice
    A New vision
    New leadership
    Seek something better
    Tomorrow is looking great
    A new brand of politics
    A new vision for (Name) County
    Securing our future
    Vote for tomorrow
    Hope for tomorrow
    The choice for change
    Progress you know
    Building for the future
    Building a brighter tomorrow
    The right direction
    Time for change
    Create change
    Vote for the future now
    The change we need. The voice we deserve.
    The new game in town
    New vision. New Direction
    Managing the future
    For the future
    It’s time for progress
    Expect more
    A fresh face, a fresh start
    Our Future is Green

  9. Oh I have one for Cappleman. I hope he likes it and if he does I hope he would consider giving me back those polaroids that might show someone who looks very much like me drunk on St Patty's Day at the Farm at the Zoo. I'm only looking to help out a friend. (shifty eye thing going on)

    Here it is. The Cappleslogan.

    Uptown Future. Not Uptown Past.

    Variations of that could work also.

    Sometimes inanity must be fought with inanity.