Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Local Elections Are Nigh

By request, a place to talk politics in the comments between now and when all the votes are counted.

Just a primer:
  • Be kind.
  • Election Day is Tuesday, February 24th, at which time voters will choose a mayor, city clerk, city treasurer and 50 aldermen, as well as weighing in on various and sundry non-binding referenda.
  • Last day to register to vote for this election is Tuesday, January 27th.
  • In Uptown, there are three aldermanic candidates running in the 46th Ward, two in the 47th Ward, and in the 48th, Harry Osterman is running unopposed.


  1. Be kind?

    Thppppt. What fun is that? Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! 36 days of mocking then Cappleman wins and the fun is mostly over.

    I'll post something later. I need to peruse mine* enemies websites and find stuff to mock them with.

    * Archaic. my (used before a word beginning with a vowel or a silent h, or following a noun):
    mine eyes; lady mine.

  2. Yes boys and girls aldermanic election season is here and I for one, or two if you count one of my other personalities, is excited about that.

    I would like to suggest everyone interested take a look at the Denice Davis Facebook page. Scroll down to the left and you will see some videos the campaign is posting of people in the ward expressing their support for Denice Davis and her campaign. That's a good example of guerrilla campaigning. Campaign has very little money, but they still manage to get the word out.

    I know many of you are confused that I'm praising the DD campaign. What's my angle you ask? Am I drunk? Well my favorite angle is an obtuse angle of approximately 130 degrees and I'm not drunk. I merely like to see the political game played well and given the obvious limitations of their candidate AND her lack of contributions they are doing a good job of getting their message out.

    End of Denice Davis praise. I don't want to get in the habit of being nice to folks online. Might ruin my old age.

    In an upcoming comment I will offer a look at what I call a "gorilla" campaign. Amy Crawford is running a gorilla campaign. Look up the differences between guerilla and gorilla if you must and prepare yourself for more excitement than watching Fey and Poehler host the Golden Globes.

  3. Hey it only took me six days to followup on this. I was..........fighting ISIS.....in Syria......yeah that's the ticket. Seriously, I'm sitting in a restaurant in Omaha waiting for updated info on my flight home. Did you know they have highrises in Omaha? I didn't. It's no Chicago and it lacks Lake Michigan, but they have the same percentage of faux Irish bars and Chinese restaurants as the rest of the world. One of my retired Army friends tells a story about a faux Irish restaurant in Kabul Afghanistan down the street from a Chinese take out place. Maybe they were both in a hotel. I was probably drunk when he told the story.

    I just spent the last 30 minutes or so checking out the various 46th ward candidate sites. Cappleman and Crawford have increased their level of photo posting of themselves or their workers canvassing. Cappleman has a pic of a cute dog in his campaign office. I suggest Crawford respond with a pic of two cute dogs and possibly a penguin.

    As for my gorilla campaign comment in my last post it can describe a campaign utilizing money to make up for a lack of prior community involvement. That would describe the Crawford campaign. Crawford's fundraising has slowed down, but she has a big fundraiser coming up downtown probably geared toward the legal community and that may add some big bucks to her coffers.

    Cappleman is pulling in big cash from the usual business and real estate suspects with interests in the ward along with smaller donations from residents. Davis is showing nothing new at the state site to report donations. Cappleman has some fundraisers planned including one at Demera where former candidate Retta and some immigrant business owners will be supporting him. Take that Denice!! That's right up there with the Crawford attempt to cozy up to JPUSA by hosting her campaign kickoff at their Coffeehouse. Everybody's Coffee....Where You always save more souls!

    If it hasn't happened already I would expect campaign literature from Cappleman and Crawford to begin showing up in mailboxes this week. Probably not much from Davis because of a lack of $. Maybe some copied flyers posted on fences and what not whathavu.

    Also expect to see more of the candidates on the street at bus stop and the CTA stations. You've been warned.

    Four weeks and one day from tonight and I should be popping out of a cake at the Cappleman victory party. For added donations I will stay in the cake and you won't have to hear me sing my victory song.

  4. I just checked my email and received this from another Uptown political junkie.

    Big donation to Crawford.

    Rutherford, Judith F.
    Occupation: Retired
    Employer: None 4616 N Magnolia Ave

    Chicago, IL 60640-4960 $5,000.00
    1/28/2015 1A
    Friends of Amy Crawford

    Thank you Ms Rutherford. You just made Cappleman's victory margin in Sheridan Park even higher. Others may fill those of you who aren't familiar with the Rutherfordian tactics used in the sale and eventual tear down of the old house at 4642 Magnolia.

    When I walk by I'm fairly sure I will see plenty of Crawford signs in various windows near the corner on Magnolia just north of Wilson. Just like the Nowatny/Phelan signs that adorned a bunch of the homes there.

    Ms Rutherford just solidified the vote for Cappleman. Thank you!