Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Uptown Competing For Its Third "Curbed Cup"

Uptown is back in the running for the Curbed Cup, the annual end-of-the-year contest for the best neighborhood in Chicago sponsored by the website Curbed.  Uptown won the first two years, then was barred from competing for the next two.  Now we're in the running again.

Uptown's first "opponent" is the West Loop.  Voting goes for 24 hours, and then the winner goes on to battle another neighborhood in the next round.  No registration is required, just a click.

Here's what Curbed has to say:  "Uptown has long been a fan favorite, as the North Side neighborhood has previously won two Curbed Cup victories. And it makes sense — the neighborhood has a very active online presence and residents who take the extra effort to promote their 'hood. Uptown sports some of the city's most popular destinations for live music, but it will also soon become the first neighborhood in Chicago to have a shared street. More recently, the neighborhood played dress up for a cameo in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie, and served as the fictional Gotham City."

You can vote here. <--- Link has been fixed.


  1. I had nothing to do with nominating Uptown this time. First two times I provided the sarcastic nomination to this VERY important contest. I did just vote for Uptown though. The people in the West Loop are some of the worst NIMBYs this side of Tombstone Arizona.

    Let the cookie clearing begin and vote EARLY and vote OFTEN.

    Dat's da Chicago/Uptown way.

  2. it's IrishPirate, man I haven't seen your wit in quite a while. :)

  3. Levois,

    some people would say they've never seen my wit.

    I'm traveling a whole lot and I refuse to post from anything that's not a desktop or sometimes a laptop. I'm a technological luddite. Well sort of a luddite. Unless I'm sitting before a decent sized screen I don't post.

    Most of UU's action has moved to the FB page. I prefer blogger. It's moderated before comments get posted and that reduces the number of trolls who have proudly ruined other comments sections.

    I also refuse to use FB in any meaningful way. Like tattoos there's something about FB that just offends me and I realize that's irrational. Freedom means I don't have to use things that offend me and that I can't/shouldn't prohibit others from using them. I'm thinking instagram is the way to use social media. I can just post pics of me holding up a blank sign.

    Watch our election as I may comment more. Assuming Cappleman doesn't drop out before the deadline, tomorrow, it should be fairly boring. I'm thinking he may drop out in the face of the Necian onslaught coupled with the Crawford cash boomlet.

    Davis can't seem to raise much money, but is out on the web and the neighborhood. Crawford seems to raise cash just by sending emails out to her lawyer contacts, all/most seemingly with no 46th Ward addresses, but has done little outside showing up at a few events and having a XMAS Carol campaign start off last week.

    I just looked at her campaign website, which was redone recently, and she's posted some pics and video from the caroling. Not surprisingly Littleton plays a big role..........or perhaps just his hair in the pics and video. He does have good hair. Her site looks professionally done. Bravo. Pics are better and the pics with her and her wife and kid are a good move.

    She's still going to lose, but I like to see the game well played. Her FB page and website were pathetic when I looked a few weeks back. Apparently she's hired a young, but somewhat experienced manager. The positive change shows.

    She's having a fundraiser in Columbus Ohio after Xmas. C-Bus as it's called on her page. That amuses me. I suspect after this campaign is over and she's lost, I think, I will probably say "C-Bus and get on it cause you ain't gonna be alderman!" Perhaps I'm wrong and she will be saying a version of that to me: "C-Bus and get on it because Uptown is now a pirate free zone."

    I will head off to Cuba in exile to lay on a beach now that the Prez is going to normalize diplomatic relations.

    Levois, say hello to JP for me. I know he misses Uptown and I'm sure someone in Uptown misses him. I just haven't meet that person yet.

  4. Ya know I shouldn't mock a candidate without providing a link. If anyone reading this just happens to be around Columbus on the 27th stop by and tell Amy that "IrishPirate" me. I'm sure Littleton is searching the net for bus tickets now.

    It's interesting the responses on that page look like a rogues gallery of Ohio Irish wishing her luck. I guess it's not just in Chicago where the pasty hordes are interested in politics. I've only flown over Ohio. Never been there. US Grant was an Ohioan though as is John Glenn. That ain't bad.

  5. Well, I don't usually take IP's statements seriously but after clicking on that Facebook page I have to say... WTF. This looks like a really easy reelection for Cap, but we still need everybody to come out and vote. We can't be lazy.