Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stewart Campus To Host Another CPS School?

Classical education coming to a classic building?
Remember the community workshops held last spring by Metropolitan Planning Council and Ald. Cappleman concerning the future of the former Stewart School?  The community said, among other things:
"Stewart School site.  The existing school building, a beautiful, historic and important structure in Uptown, should be preserved and reused. If the building is reused as a school, the community’s strong preference is that it be a public school."
That just may happen.  Yesterday's Sun-Times mentions that a Far North Side selective enrollment school -- one that prides itself on its student diversity and a "retro," classical curriculum -- may move into the former Stewart campus:
"[CPS] is considering the cost of moving the overcrowded Decatur Classical School currently at 7030 N. Sacramento Ave. into the building at 4525 N. Kenmore Ave. that used to house Stewart, he said. That building costs about $79,000 a year to maintain as empty."
You can read more about Decatur Classical School here.

  • In other news, the Sun-Times says that CPS is putting the former Trumbull building, located in Andersonville, just across the street from Uptown, up for bid.

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