Monday, October 13, 2014

Bum Steer

Well, this is a depressing sight:  The Cow On Parade that was donated by a Lurie Hospital supporter to stand in front of the Uptown Broadway Building has been damaged.  Nice going, idiot vandal.

However, help is the way.  The reader who took this photo says, "Received confirmation from Cappleman that they will work to have it repaired. There are a number of hairline fractures around the horns and ears."

Seems like it was a bad week for animal art installations in Chicago.

Update:  A woman from Lurie Children's Hospital posted on UU's Facebook page:  "Looking for a fabricator to fix it. Some lovely citizen dropped off the horn so we have it."


  1. A number of the horses down town have lost their horns. Wonder if it had to do with the construction? or was it really someone vandalizing?

  2. I think what we have here is an organized and seditious political protest. The Police themed horses downtown have also been vandalized.

    In terms of the police horses it's likely a protest in solidarity with the ongoing protests in Ferguson Missouri and/or just general hatred towards law enforcement. In the words of a song from "The Sound of Music": "Every cop is a criminal and every hooker is a freedom fighter". I may be off on the movie. Perhaps it was "Shrek" or "Pretty Woman".

    Anyhoo, the type of cow depicted by the statue in front of the Uptown Broadway building is not "native" to the Americas. The native cattle, American bison, were nearly wiped out by the colonialist intruders and their demon spawn cattle. Some of the "settler" cattle even have white spots!!!! Intruder cattle forcing out native cattle since 1492!

    If you're sober and don't understand what I'm getting at check out today's posts at Uptown Uprising.

    On a more serious note the vandalism of the various statues is likely in most cases the acts of lone drunks or drunks in groups. "Dude, man I'm soooooooooo horny. Imagonna grab that horn." Chant begins from group: Horn Horn Horn. Cheers go up as horn is broken off.

    Take people, add alcohol, and watch the stupidity ensue.