Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Revisiting 1984 at Vintage Garage Chicago September 21st

Hard to believe that the second to last Vintage Garage of the season is coming up already.

Looking back on the last century, there are several standout years, one of which is 1984. It may seem like a long time ago, but the folks at Vintage Garage Chicago aim bring it back September 21. It's the theme for the next Vintage Garage Chicago in Uptown.

A leap year, 1984 saw the Winter and Summer Olympics, the 1984 World’s Fair, and a Band Aid recording of the charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Chrysler introduced the Minivan, Apple released the Macintosh personal computer and the world was introduced to Birkins, Discman, the Tandy 1000 and the Atari 7800. And who can forget Slice?

Along with all their great vintage from all eras, our vendors will be showcasing their 80's merchandise. Professional DJs Sasha and Ross will be spinning 80s tunes.

Vintage Garage Chicago takes place at 5051 N Broadway on September 21 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. It's at the Argyle stop on the Red Line.

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  1. Let us take a journey back to the Uptown of 1984 and then in each instance compare it to the Uptown of 2014.

    However, before we do that let's have a song. The song that was the grandaddy of all the bad music that was the eighties. Yes, I'm talking My Sharona from 1979.

    1. Littleton--probably hanging out somewhere around here..still twerking after all those years. He's now posting pics of his family in Uptown from the fifties on Everyblock. "Leave it to Jeffer".

    2. Alderman not named Shiller...some things shouldn't change!

    3. Jon Trott and JPUSA were here in 1984. Jon has less hair now and the mullet is gone, but somehow the smell of Drakkar Noir still wafts through my memories.

    4. Gangs. Back in 1984 the gangs were more diverse and more violent. Think mountain Irish and Native Americans. Today the gangs are largely black with a smattering of hispanics. They still shoot each other and occasionally innocents. There's less violence today, but there's still gunfire and that ain't good at any time.

    5. In 1984 JP Paulus was known as John, before a bout of pretension took over, and he didn't live here. He doesn't live here now. Except in his dreams.

    6. In 1984 hookers worked the streets and alleys of Uptown. I'm sure there are still a few street walkers around, but now hooking seems largely to be internet driven. One difference is that in 1984 our hookers didn't imagine themselves to be gay or gayer versions of that mass murderer Che Guevara.(Waving to Captain Hook----ergh)

    7. In 1984 there were probably hundreds of vacant lots/burned out buildings in Uptown particularly in Buena Park and Sheridan Park. Those are largely gone today. Unfortunately, around 1994 a federal judge ordered the CHA to build scattered site housing in white or hispanic neighborhoods in Chicago. Thank said judge for all the wonderful gang bangers that now live in and shoot up Sheridan Park on an unfortunately too frequent basis.

    Now I started out this comment with a song so I shall end with a song. A song about life. A song about love. A song about change. A song that could be about Uptown. That song is the best cover of The Beatles: Long, Long, Long.