Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Man Killed in Gang-related Violence

There's been an uptick in gun-related incidents in and around Sheridan Park over the last few days. Readers have reported gun fire across a few locations roughly between Leland, Sunnyside, Magnolia and Beacon. Unfortunately the violence seems to have culminated in a man being killed on Monday.

DNAInfo has the story on the man here, and the Alderman's office has issued a formal response.

Late this morning, an individual was shot from a gang-related shooting on the 4500 block of N. Magnolia. He later died at Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital. I've requested an increased police presence in the area while I work with the detectives and the commander. They are reviewing camera footage from police cameras and other surveillance cameras in the area. As always, if you see something suspicious, do not hesitate and call 911 immediately. 

While more police presence helps curb crime, it's not enough. We need to do more and offer more alternatives for our youth in our community. I have helped many youth programs secure City funding and support them in their programming and fundraising efforts.  After talking to other elected officials and organizations in the area, a few weeks ago, I asked a number of youth organizations to participate in the creation of the upcoming 46th Ward Community Youth Forum. At this forum, youth organizations, community leaders and elected officials will come together to talk and create a plan of action that will respond better to the needs of the at-risk youth in our community. Any ideas or suggestions you have or if you want to help, please contact Caitlin at Caitlin@james46.org or stop by my office during open office hours Monday evenings between 5 pm -7 pmto chat with me. 

I would like to also encourage you to attend your next CAPS meeting where the commander and myself will be present to answer any of your questions. Click here for information about CAPS meetings in your area. Additionally, I'll keep you updated on the 46th Ward Youth Forum as we get closer to the event.

Please remember to always call 911 anytime you believe you've heard gunshots, or notice any type of drug-dealing or other gang-related activity.


  1. That's going to make getting to tonight's CTA meeting at Truman College re: Wilson el stop renovations challenging!

  2. And another Uptown neighbor involved in a homicide.

    Woman Charged With West Side Beating Death Of Another Woman

    Andrea Brown, of the 4000 block of North Sheridan Road, was charged with first-degree murder in the beating death of another woman Sunday night on the West Side.


  3. Once again this guy is portrayed as a good citizen by the mom, but CPD has him as a Gang banger. All I can say is the kid has a felony court hearing, which in itself, doesn't make the kid a prized citizen. It is tragic that a young man lost his life and that is the real concern. I feel sad for his family either way, but if you play with fire, your eventually going to get burned.

    As always Cappleman comes out with his standard response. He will request more police and will work with the youth in Chicago, When is he going to actually have some strength to demand that City Hall funds more police officers? He has said several times, he will not support the budget unless it includes more police. He then gets into vote chamber and says yes, He is a yes man through and through, he hasn't done anything positive for Uptown. Business have left amongst his promise of many new ones coming. He also has left maryville to sit abandon with nothing moving fwd.

    we need an alderman with a spine, that wants to fight for the Uptown Citizens

    1. C in U says: "...[Cappleman] hasn't done anything positive for Uptown...."

      Don't be ridiculous. And don't be myopic. I waited 14 years to see ANY improvements under Shiller, and waited that long to see any sort of responsiveness from her office toward anyone that wasn't connected to subsidized housing or social services. The one big development that did happen under Shiller was heavily subsidized by our property taxes, which takes money away from being able to pay for more police. Like I've said before, Cappleman is far from being perfect, but I've seen transformation in this neighborhood since he's been in office--the subsidized housing is far more responsive to fixing problems, Broadway around Irving Park is transforming, Wilson is improving, Sheridan is improving, and we're FINALLY getting the sewer called the Wilson Station re-done after years of lip service from Shiller. And remember that if the shooting happened during Shiller's time in office, we would have heard nothing from her about the shooting but we WOULD have heard that she was calling in the police district commander to complain that the police were harassing the poor gang-bangers after the shooting. It means a lot to hear from Cappleman that he's aware of the shooting and that his office is working with the CPD instead of against it.

      I'd love to see more money spent on police. But I'm not willing to have my taxes go up exponentially to pay for it. I'd be happy to slash spending on the City's social welfare programs to pay for it, but then we'd have people howling about how important it is for the Nanny State to pay for things like car baby carriers for single teenaged mamas without cars...so Cappleman will have to compromise in order to make the biggest number of people as happy as possible for as long as possible (which is what the art of politics is all about). When someone else convinces voters that they can do a better job of that than he can, he will lose the election and the newcomer will have the chance to prove him/herself. If you've got that capability along with the spine and fight, C in U, why don't you run? Or who are you campaigning for, just for full disclosure? What would you do differently than Cappleman over the shooting? How would you pay for more police? How would you get more businesses to open in Uptown--especially when there are closed storefronts from Lakeview to the Loop?

    2. Bear,

      our election seems to be shaping up as a battle royale between Cappleman and Denice Davis. Perhaps "battle royale" isn't the best phrase.

      I'm picturing Denice dressed up in a clown outfit, not all that different from her typical manner of dress, and attempting to chase Cappleman while she carries an empty seltzer bottle. She tries to activate the seltzer bottle with one of her stinging attacks and finds it's empty. Devoid of meaning. Nothingness. No sting. No liquid annoyance. Nothing. Nuttin. Nada.

      He really should put her on his campaign payroll. If anyone serious is considering challenging Cappleman the clown car that is campaign Davis will likely deter them.

      I know that her slackey Cortez will likely read this and I would like to compliment him on his work ethic. Unfortunately, that work ethic is being wasted on a clown of a campaign.

      If only Littleton would join the race. He could play a leading role in the Uptown version of that Liam Neeson movie: "A Walk Among the Uptown Tombstones"--of campaigns.

  4. Why is anyone trying to pretend this unfortunate young lad was anything but a banger?


    Christopher McGhee, 21, of the 4400 block of North Magnolia Avenue, faces three felony counts of manufacturing/delivering cocaine within 1,000 feet of a school, and is being held in lieu of $50,000 bond.

  5. There was a drive by shooting last night at 10:55 p.m. in the alley behind the 4900 block of Kenmore. I should know, I reported it and assisted CPD.

  6. Once more into the breach my friends.

    If Chris McGee wasn't in a gang he sure acted like someone in a gang.

    Here's his Facebook page.

    Here's an impromptu march some of his gang "colleagues" held a few days after his murder. Notice the memorial sweatshirts some of them are wearing while watching out for the cops.

    If you'd like to familiarize yourself with some other members of the "hoolagang" use this Facebook search.

    I would have thought Omari Robinson would be in prison, but then I forgot this was Cook County.

    Woe is me. I'm getting tired of this stupidity. Perhaps I will move to Idaho and open up a meth lab like my granny did.

  7. Your tax dollars are supporting this...


    What say you Denice?

    Proud of what you've wrought?


  8. Following IrishPirate's search came across this gem of "artistry".


    Time to drain the swamp that's at the corner or Magnolia/Sunnyside.

  9. Wonder if this gent supports the SSA?

    Or just contributes to its need?


  10. Pretty sure I saw that "Squad!" "Gang sh*t" rabble's impromptu march last Saturday night at the corner of Malden...

    I recounted it in another blog:

    I was driving home west up Wilson ...from work...Saturday night at around 1130 (get off at 11pm half my week), and it was downright sketchy there at the corner of Malden.

    A kid I've seen around on his bike always wearing an oversized white tshirt along that block between Magnolia Malden and the alley behind the Subway, was doing lazy circles on Wilson, and yelled something as I passed by him.

    Seemed he was daring traffic to hit him.

    On the southside sidewalk was a gaggle of young men -maybe 10 or 12- leaning against cars and clotting up the path.

    Just as I was about even with the distracting little snot on the bicycle, a shiny white Escalade ran the stop sign headed north on Malden. Glad I didn't hit him.

    You want to see bullies and bigots...Thats where you need to go soggy noodle head.

    We are moving in barely a block from there in just a few weeks, and the Red Line would be a commute option for me.

    But do you (no not you noodlehead sockpuppet-talking to the spreadsheet folks who don't quantify such things as this vignette) think I am willing to walk that gauntlet after a hard evening's work?

    Again. As along as the gang ghetto atmosphere in Uptown is supported by fools such as yourself (whomever you may really be) Denice and Ryne and others, no matter what you do with the Wilson station, Uptown will continue to disappoint all...

    Except for perhaps the saggy poopy pants bangers who are bigoted bullies with a propensity to show that through vandalism and violence and who apparently enjoy living in a tax supported cesspool...and snide sock puppets such as yourself.

    As a matter of contrast....There were still couples out on Giddings Square when I got home.

    Something thats NOT gonna happen on Sunnyside Mall that time of night!!!

    Businesses were still open on Lincoln.

    Opposite side of the universe it seemed from the dark and gloomy streetscape there from Broadway to Beacon on Wilson.

    Imagine that.

    Perhaps CTA would do better to support that community with a makeover of the Western Station.

  11. In one of the links I provided earlier, praise be to ME, I expressed surprise that Omari Robinson was on the street. I really should have done some more research as it turns out the gentlemen who was arrested with him for the drive by/police chase/ramming police vehicles was murdered TWO months later on the 1600 block of Elston. That would be Asif Memon.

    I refuse to hyperlink. Drive by/ police chase/ injured cops and he's out on the street and murdered two months later?


    Also if I'm reading my gang Facebook tea leaves correctly, and I may not be, Kelsky Patterson is affiliated with these idiots. Kelsky is the idiot with the AK47 tattoo on his forehead who's been charged with the shooting of five and death of one on the steps of the Uptown Baptist Church last year.

    Just do a google image search for Kelsky. Really do it. Then weep for America and the future.