Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Argyle Art Wall Takes Shape

Update:  Reader Rick B. went by Thursday and says,
"I snapped a pic of 2 of the artisans at work this afternoon."

The Argyle Art Wall is being installed!  It's been in the works for just over a year and now we're seeing it happen.  The goal is to have it done by the time the first Argyle Night Market is held (July 10th), so now is the time to see it become a reality.
  • Last spring, three community workshops were held to get input about what should be included in the mural, which is located on Broadway just steps north of Argyle, on the otherwise undistinguished wall of a convenience store.  (Thanks to Lucky Quick Pick for letting its property be used for the mural.)
  • During last summer's Argyle Night Market, visitors were invited to create flowers for inclusion on the wall.
  • This week, it got started.  Uptown artist Ginny Sykes is overseeing the project, which will symbolize the various cultures represented on Argyle Street.  Uptown United, PNC Bank, and LISC-Chicago are all sponsors of the art wall.
So what will it look like when it's done?  A sketch on the Facebook page dedicated to the mural provides a strong hint:

design by Ginny Sykes, on the Argyle-Broadway Mural Project's Facebook page

To follow the mural's progress on Facebook, visit Argyle-Broadway Mural Project.

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  1. Ginny is an Uptown artist we can be proud of. Great work!