Friday, June 13, 2014

Pride Parade Primer

In just a couple weeks, Uptown will provide the starting point of the Pride Parade for the third consecutive year. Not a lot has changed from the past two years; we're good at it by now.  Ald. Tunney posted about the particulars of the parade in his latest newsletter, so we've excerpted the Uptown-specific info below.

"Date: Sunday, June 29, 2014
Time: Noon
Begins At: Broadway & Montrose

LINE UP (Staging Areas): 
  • North Broadway (both the east and the west curb lanes, from Montrose to Wilson)
  • West Montrose (both the north and south curb lanes from Broadway to Clark); 
  • Sunnyside Ave from Broadway to North Sheridan Road.
PARADE ROUTE: The parade begins at 12:00pm on the corner of Broadway/Montrose,  proceeding south on Broadway; then south on Halsted; then east on Belmont; then south on Broadway; then east on Diversey to Cannon Drive.

CROSS STREETS: Cross streets will experience rolling closures as the parade travels south down the route.  After stepping off at 12:00 PM, the parade will take approximately two and one-half hours to finish crossing the Broadway/Montrose corner.

PEDESTRIAN CROSS-OVER STREETS:  Six, including Montrose and Irving Park.  At each corner of the streets listed above there will be four police officers assigned to assist pedestrians to cross the parade route.

NO PARKING: Both the Assembly Area and Parade Route (listed above) will be posted with temporary signs indicating "NO PARKING ON SUNDAY JUNE 29, 2014 FROM 5:00 AM TO 8:00 PM. - Both sides of the street."
  • Montrose Ave.- Greenview Ave. to Hazel St.
  • Broadway St.- Leland Ave. to Grace St.
  • Sunnyside Ave. - Broadway to North Sheridan Road
  • Clifton Ave. -  Montrose to Sunnyside
ADDITIONAL PARKING RESTRICTIONS: There will be additional parking restrictions on Sunnyside Ave between Broadway and North Sheridan Road.

TOWING: Begins at 5:00 AM. Due to the volume of vehicles involved, the issuing of parking violation citations and towing will start at 5AM - Promptly.

  1. Portable Restrooms are stationed along both the parade line-up street and the parade route. Included at several locations are restrooms for the physically challenged.
  2. Physically Challenged Area/Wheel chair Accessible Area/Seniors - for people who need or want more space: the sidewalks of West Diversey Parkway (near 600 W. Diversey). Traditionally this area of the parade route has fewer spectators than other sections of the parade route. Spectators in these areas generally arrive there early on parade morning to secure their viewing spots. Included there are restrooms for the physically challenged.
  3. Seniors (outdoor) - The area mentioned above in #2 (600 W. Diversey sidewalks) is a designated OUTDOOR area for seniors. Spectators in this area generally arrive there early on parade morning to secure their viewing spots. Included there are restrooms for the physically challenged.
  4. Cooling Buses - Halsted between Belmont & Clark; Irving between Clark and Broadway; Addison in front of the 19th District police station; Broadway at Belmont
  5. Clean and Sober individuals/groups:  the area at 600 W. Diversey (for the physically challenged and seniors), is also a place for people who want to watch the parade in an area away from bars and other liquor establishments. Spectators should arrive early on parade morning to secure their viewing spot
Alcohol consumption WILL NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. Open containers containing alcohol are illegal on the streets and sidewalks in Chicago.  The ordinance was updated last year with higher fines and penalties for drinking on parade routes and you will be subject to receiving a $1,000 ticket and/or arrest from the Chicago Police Department.

For more information, please visit:"

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