Saturday, June 7, 2014

June Is Food Drive Month For Inspiration Corp.

Most of us know the success stories involved with Inspiration Corporation.  From its founder being honored in an ad aired during the 2009 Oscars, to its continuing excellence at Inspiration Kitchens and Inspiration Cafe, to the caseworkers who are working with the residents of the Wilson Men's Club, it's been one of Uptown's most successful social services since its founding in 1989.

Now it's asking for a little help to supplement the food it purchases from Greater Chicago Food Depository for the food pantries it operates.  If you have "shelf-stable" food you'd like to donate to help offset their expenses, June is the month!

Some examples of shelf-stable foods:  Granola bars/compressed food bars; crackers/snack crackers packs; dry, ready-to-eat cereals; instant oatmeal; dried fruits; trail mixes; canned fruits; canned juices or juice boxes; peanut butter/jelly; nuts; canned beans/chili; canned fish, chicken, meats; canned vegetables and soups; staples like sugar, salt, and pepper; cookies; and instant coffee, tea bags, cocoa.  It also mentions specifically canned peas, corn, refried beans, and boxes of Rice-A-Roni.

"Inspiration Corporation is holding a month-long food drive during June. The nonprofit agency that offers supportive services to Chicagoans at risk of homelessness houses food pantries at Inspiration Cafe (4554 N. Broadway) and The Living Room Cafe (806 E. 64th Street). These pantries allow participants and community members who receive help from Inspiration Corporation to have access to shelf-stable food to feed their families.

Per month, Inspiration Corporation currently has over 315 visits to their pantries at a cost of $16,000 per year to stock them through the Greater Chicago Food Depository – a 43% increase over last year due to rising food costs and increased demand.

The agency will also be collecting items at their two social enterprise restaurants: Inspiration Kitchens – Garfield Park (3504 W. Lake St.) and Inspiration Kitchens – Uptown (4715 N. Sheridan) and giving guests a special treat for donating.

Inspiration Corporation welcomes drop-off donations at any site, and encourages Chicagoans to help by holding their own drives at their schools, office buildings or apartment buildings.

Those wishing to help can deliver food during business hours to 4715 N. Sheridan Road, 806 E. 64th Street, 3504 W. Lake Street, or 4554 N. Broadway. For additional information, contact or 773-878-0981 x222."

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