Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CAPS Beat 1914 Takes It Outside On Wednesday

From Amy, the Co-Facilitator of Beat 1913 CAPS (the area bordered by Montrose, the lake, Lawrence and Broadway):

"Hi Neighbors.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night (Wednesday 5/14, 7pm) for our May CAPS Beat 1914 meeting at the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse (Clarendon and Sunnyside). This is our monthly opportunity to talk about chronic public safety concerns with neighbors, representatives from community organizations and the Alderman's office, and the police officers who work in our neighborhood, and to work towards constructive solutions.

This month, we will have a shorter meeting indoors and then (weather permitting) "walk the beat" with the police officers and Alderman's office representatives. This is a great opportunity to point out particularly troublesome locations, alleys, buildings, graffiti, or other issues that relate to public safety. Please join us!"

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