Thursday, May 15, 2014

Can You Lend A Helping Hand To Families Affected By Tuesday's Fire?

From Ald. Cappleman on Wednesday:

"Many of you have contacted me and inquired how you might be able to help the families affected by yesterday's terrible fire on the 4700 block of N. Winthrop. Below is a listing of needed items that would be very helpful for them during this time of need.

Of course, this assistance effort will be ongoing as our neighbors work to rebuild after this tragic fire. Please know that your generosity and your assistance are making a very real and positive impact.

As a result of the fire, most of the residents of this building lost practically everything. Currently, non-perishable food items such as cereal, noodles, canned goods, cookies are the primary need.

Additional items such as clothing, blankets, socks, towels, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and toiletries such as body wash, toothpaste and toothbrushes would also be appreciated.

Below are clothing sizes for all members of the families:

  • Adult male #1: pants 34x26L, tops L, shoe 8
  • Adult male #2: pants 30x30, tops M, shoe 8
  • Adult male #3: pants 36x32, top L, shoe 10
  • Adult male #4: pants 38w/32L, top L, shoe 8.5
  • Adult male #5: pants 36w/32L, top L, shoe 8.5
  • Adult male #6: pants 34w/31L, top M, shoe 11
  • Adult female #1: pants 16/18, top L, shoe 9
  • Adult female #2: adult, pants 6, top M, shoe 8.5
  • Adult female #3: adult, size 9, top M, shoe 8
  • Adult female #4: size 10, top M, shoe 6
  • Adult female #5: pants 9, top L, shoe 6.5
  • Adult female #6: pants 6, top M, shoe 7.5
  • Male child: 12 year old, pants 14w 28L,shoe (Men's) 7.5
  • Female child: 10 year old, pants 14,  shoe (Children's) 6.5
  • Baby 18 - 24 months (female): Size 2T

Any and all donations can be dropped off at my office at 4544 N. Broadway during office hours. Thank you for your generous support of our neighbors during this tragedy."


  1. This was really nice of you guys to post this at the Uptown Update. We will talk to our clients and see who might be able to offer some of what is on this list.

    John D. Moore, PhD

  2. Is there a way to drop donations if I'm not able to come during the office hours?

    1. Contact the alderman's office by phone or email (see hyperlink under "during office hours" for contact information).

  3. Several questions. Assuming this is an immediate need,
    1) where are the families staying now?
    2) will you accept gift cards?
    3) What are "office hours"? (until what time)
    4) how long will you be collecting?

  4. Lianna, please contact the alderman's office regarding your questions 2 and 4. For 1 -- our previous story about the fire (hyperlinked) quoted the alderman's tweet that they are staying with relatives. For 3 -- click on the hyperlink where it says "During office hours" to find out, and also how to contact them.