Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Details About Yesterday's Shooting

There's a little more information about the circumstances that led to the shooting yesterday at Dunkin Donuts.

The whole thing is still incomprehensible, but there was a link between the victim and the alleged shooter.  It wasn't completely random.

Joey Jones, after allegedly killing the store clerk on the South Side, called his father and asked him for money.  His father arranged to meet him at Broadway and Wilson, where the father would get money from the currency exchange on the corner there.  Joey Jones drove there with his girlfriend, their twin babies, and the girlfriend's sister, and parked in the lot.

Mr. Jones's father was also withdrawing money he owed his co-worker, Brion Payne, and had arranged to meet him at the same spot.  The elder Mr. Jones introduced the two men in the parking lot and headed to the currency exchange to get cash.  Some reports say Joey Jones and Brion Payne exchanged words and Joey Jones shot Mr. Payne in the head.  Other reports say it was unprovoked.

Joey Jones then got in his car and drove off.  His girlfriend saw him put the gun under the car seat, where it was eventually recovered by the police.  He was arrested at either his home in Logan Square or his girlfriend's home Tuesday evening.  (Reports differ.)

Multiple security cameras at both the South Side and Uptown crime scenes helped identify him.

You can read more about it in the Sun-Times and Tribune.


  1. Can you keep us updated and let us know if he's convicted. This is one person that should not get a light sentence. He should be jailed for life.

    1. Sure, but it usually takes a couple years for murder cases to make their way through the courts. We'll be on it, though, when it happens.