Friday, April 25, 2014

Clean & Green On Saturday

It's Clean and Green -- the city's annual spring cleaning!

If you're not part of your block club's efforts, and if you're not taking part in the 47th or 48th Ward activities, please consider helping clean up some of Uptown's public places:
  • Sunnyside Mall
  • Clarendon Park
  • Buttercup Playlot
From Graceland Wilson block club's newsletter:
Join us for Clean and Green on Saturday, April 26th at Sunnyside and Magnolia at 9am. We'll have garbage bags for picking up trash as well as coffee and treats. Bring your own gloves or any other helpful tools. We'll be there until 10:30 or so; any help is appreciated!
From Clarendon Park Neighbors:
Hi Neighbors:  What better way to celebrate the appearance of spring in our neighborhood than to pick up some trash?!!! 
In coordination with the city's Clean and Green day, we will meet at 10 am this coming Saturday, 4/26 in front of Clarendon Park (Clarendon and Sunnyside) to clean up our sidewalks and parkways (that's what that area between the sidewalk and the street is called, dontcha know)! If you show up, your street will get cleaned.  
We will have rakes, shovels, and bags ready, courtesy of Streets and Sanitation. You should bring some gloves. In past years, we have gotten A LOT of cleaning done in just an hour or two.  
Wanna help in picking up rakes and shovels beforehand? Wanna buy some doughnuts for the cleaning crew? Let me know and I'll let you know how you can provide some extra help. Otherwise, we just need YOU on Saturday morning. 
From Buttercup Park Advisory Committee:

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