Friday, April 25, 2014

Be On The Lookout

No community is ever immune from thieves and break-ins, and Uptown is no different, as the post below from a reader confirms.
"Wednesday, April 23rd, the man in the photo entered a building through a ground floor window around 2:00pm in the 4100 block of North Kenmore.
The tenant was home and police were called.  However, the intruder fled the scene. He had the audacity to return again Thursday during the afternoon hours. The photos were taken at that time.
If anyone sees the  young man in the photo or anyone looking suspicious, please call 911. The police are looking for him."
Remember, if you think you see him, call the cops and let them handle things. Don't try to be a hero.  Let the cops be the ones to determine what to do. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

This is a big city and it's wise to take precautions from would-be thieves, especially now that good weather is here.  Don't leave windows wide open if they can be easily accessed from the outside. Don't leave valuables in plain sight of passersby.  The police have been distributing a variation on this article at CAPS meetings, which contains some good advice: "Things Your Burglar Won't Tell You."


  1. Perhaps he was looking for a belt? It would seem he's wearing "big boy" pants with marginal success..

  2. He’s clearly breaking into homes looking for clothes that fit him. I mean, look at those pants. What a loser.

    He’s just lucky the owner didn’t have a gun and blow his brains out.

  3. This guy buzzed me on Wednesday afternoon. I live on Kenmore near Buena. Said he was looking for 'Bob" and was waiting for his mom. He reeks of cigarettes. When I came to the door he was surprised and agitated. He did not see me come up to him as he was busy scanning the street.

    He then went next door and proceeded to look around in a similar manner. I should have called the police. I think my standing there watching him while he was next door scared him off. He probably then walked a half block south on Kenmore to the other building. The post office left some packages in plain site just within our front entryway so I thought that was what he was after. If he was stupid enough to come back on Thursday he is probably stupid enough to come back today. I think he came around 1:30-2:00 pm.

  4. Heard alot of dogs barking from inside buildings last few days which usually is not heard in day time. Will have to start watching out now.