Saturday, April 5, 2014

Argyle Night Market Coming -- Vendors Apply Now

From Uptown United:

"Argyle Night Market Vendor Applications.  We're thrilled to host the 2nd year of the Argyle Night Market this summer. The City of Chicago, Uptown United and the 48th Ward office will host a weekly Night Market on Argyle Street on Thursdays from 5:00pm - 9:00pm starting July 10, 2014 through September 4, 2014, running between Sheridan and Kenmore.

The Market will include farm stands, food vendors highlighting local Argyle restaurants, live performance arts and retail goods.

We're seeking local businesses and residents interested in this wonderful opportunity to sell crafts, food, and other items at the market, and we're welcoming you as a vendor at a very reduced rate from other City events. Your participation gets you access to neighborhood and Citywide customers at a summer-long event with significant marketing, entertainment, security and other support.

To sign up, you'll need:
  • This form, submitted by May 10
  • Payment of $25 per week by May 10 or $30 per week thereafter
  • Any "booth" materials you need, including a 6 or 8 foot table, chairs and a tent
  • A Certificate of Liability Insurance, showing the City of Chicago and Uptown United as additional insured
  • If you're selling food, a copy of your health inspection certificate from your regular establishment or Outdoor Food license if you're preparing food on-site
If you have any questions, contact Uptown United at (773) 878-1064 or"

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