Monday, March 31, 2014

La Ciudad Vandalized

A reader told us some infuriating news about one of our favorite local places:

"The Mexican restaurant La Ciudad on Sheridan and Windsor had its front windows smashed on Friday by thugs with a baseball bat. It might be nice to let people know this so they can support them."

We can't imagine why someone would target this place, unless they have a problem with great food and outstanding service. Hugo and Armando have been bringing both to Uptown since 2009.  They've always made customers feel warmly welcomed, which makes this act of senseless violence even more shocking.

If you've enjoyed eating at La Ciudad, you might consider stopping by for a meal soon to help make up for the cost of replacing the windows, and help the owners and staff feel some love from the community.

We hope the thugs who did this are caught soon, if they haven't been already.


  1. I ate there Saturday night and they apparently had the windows replaced already as I didn't notice any problems. Another great meal and great service.

    1. The windows have a temporary plastic covering on them until the glass can be permanently replaced.

  2. :( I've been there a few times. You're not going to find better Mexican food in that area.

  3. Maybe it’s the same POS that broke the window of Spoil Me Salon back a year or so ago for no reason. It's believed he lived in the Heartland Housing building at 1200 West Leland. Cops, start there.

  4. So sad to hear about bad things happening to such good people. I love La Ciudad and will be back soon to eat and see Hugo's smiling face.