Sunday, March 30, 2014

If You're Parked On Lawrence Near Beacon ....

... better check your car.

A neighbor took these photos of an accident that happened earlier tonight involving some of the cars parked on the south side of Lawrence.  There's extensive damage to several parked cars, but the cops were on the scene and there were notes left on the windshields of several of them.

The reader says, "Strange accident in the corner of Beacon and Lawrence. Doesn't look like anyone has seen their cars yet, as the letters on the windshields are still there and from the Chicago PD. I just saw these around 9pm tonight. Not sure when this happened.

No one around, just looked like it happened awhile ago. The car that is facing the wrong way is missing its driver's side window and the airbags are deployed.  Must have been one more car between the red one and the other 3, but there are 3 smooshed into each other to some degree."

If one of these is yours, we're sorry you're finding out this way, but both the person who saw the cars and we thought it would be better to find out before you went down to drive to work or your next destination.


  1. It happened around 7 pm, I think. I heard the crash and ran out. The car had swerved from the westbound lane and plowed into the parked cars. The airbag was deployed and the car was smoking, and still running. According to a runner who was on her phone with 911, the driver immediately hopped out the window and ran.

  2. My wife heard the accident. I sincerely feel bad for the people who are going to discover their vehicles are damaged. I hope they catch the person who ran and press charges.

  3. Thank you for posting this, a friend shared this with me after I told him about my car. My car is the blue one, I had a panic attack right in the middle of the street when I saw it. I was omw to an interview in Minnesota when I found it my car like that. The auto shop estimate to repair was in high 6000's. The insurance company totaled my car and is giving me a paltry amount on getting the same one with the make, model, and mileage. I don't know what to do. I am lucky I paid for it shortly before the accident but it frustrates me that someone could take my vehicle away that I worked so hard for. It makes me sad. It makes me even sadder that the insurance company won't fix my old car or give me the funds to get a comparable vehicle. I had thought the purpose of an insurance company is to help you get back to where you were before the accident. It's not, not even close. I would go on but there's no words in the English language that can capture how I feel, so I'll just stop. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy and that's no joke.

  4. Several cars on the south side of Montrose near the El tracks were hit on April was pushed over the curb and had a wheel off, looked totaled. What is going on lately with groups of parked cars on the streets getting wrecked?!?