Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chicago PD Returns To Uptown -- Parking Restrictions In Effect

More filming!  Chicago PD is apparently back in Uptown, in the area around the Aragon, tonight and Wednesday.  (Boy, do they know how to pick the weather:  arctic cold last time and snow predicted tonight.)  There are parking restrictions in place for the production.

Unlike last time they were here, we don't know what episode this is for.  Anyone who has any photos or inside information, we'd love to have it!

Update:  A reader sent in these parking restrictions for the duration of filming:


  1. Getting pretty sick of this. As if parking isn't hard enough with the snow reducing the number of spaces on each street and now we (or at least those of us on Winthrop) have to put up with this? Isn't the parking lot there big enough for what they need? There was one occasion a month or two ago when we had the same restrictions for a period and a never saw ONE vehicle parked on Winthrop in the area reserved for them during the time they had exclusive use of the street. Not one. I pay all my taxes, fees, city stickers to use the streets, and now I am continually being deprived of what I pay for. How are we being compensated for this ongoing inconvenience?

  2. sean, Mayor Daley never would of allowed this. He was very against the police ever being filmed for movies or TV shows. I have never seen a "COPS' episode filmed in Chicago.

    1. Chicago PD is not a reality TV show, so these aren't real Chicago cops being filmed.

  3. gary, sorry I sometimes cannot tell the difference between the TV show and the real thing.

  4. They pay a lot of fees for the street closures.