Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Buena Park Man Saves A Life In Montrose Harbor

Tuesday evening, a reader posted to UU's Facebook page:  "Any clue what is happening at Montrose Harbor? LOTS of flashing lights." 

Turns out a whole lot was going on -- involving someone jumping in the frigid lake to save the life of one of his dogs; a cross-country skier who heard his cries; a jogger from Buena Park who just happened to have been practicing tying knots before he left the house that evening; and a whole bunch of first responders.

Unlike so many times when the water and cold take their toll, this incident has a happy ending, thanks in no small part to the quick actions of the people who came across the man in the water, called 911 and did what they could to keep him safe until the CPD and CFD got there.

The dogs are fine, and the man is recovering from severe hypothermia in Weiss Hospital.  Read more about it in the Sun-Times.  (And stay away from the water line if you go to Montrose Harbor in icy or snowy conditions.)

We are proud to have people in our community like Adam Dominik, who found some twine to pull the man's dog off him in the water, then tied the rope around his own waist and pulled the victim out of the water until emergency responders could get there.  They say that guts means grace under pressure, and Mr. Dominik, you are one gutsy guy.

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