Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Uptown Theater In Housing Court: No Heat, Massive Icicle

1926 rendering of the Uptown's lobby
Housing court, in short:
  • Inspector:  There's no heat in the theater and there's a 30 foot tall icicle in the basement!
  • Judge:  Say What?
  • Owner:  You told us to switch heating systems -- it's in transition.
  • Judge:  In the middle of winter?
  • Owner:  Well, if you hadn't gone and asked us to switch from oil to natural gas.....!
  • Judge:  Well, we wouldn't be here if you'd done it before winter....!
  • Owner:  It's safe.  And it couldn't possibly be a 30-foot icicle.  Ten feet max.
  • City Attorney:  We thought you'd change heating systems before winter.
  • Owner:  I love this building and I wouldn't let anything bad happen to it.
  • Everyone:  We'll be back in court on January 24th.


  1. Let me guess, Peleggi? This case has been going on for ten years.

  2. The attorney for JAM mentioned in the article is one Patrick DALEY Thompson.

    Only Patrick Thompson in Illinois who is also an attorney.

    The DALEY stands for grandson of Richard J., nephew of Richard M, and Pat is also a member of the Water Reclamation Board--elected. Didn't get my vote.

    Here's a google link. Paddy does a whole lot of entertainment type law.

    Notice the BGA story. Apparently Patty D likes to take multiple homeowner exemptions on his properties. He's one of the handful of Daley family members I've met. I'm sure in a family that size there are some good people. I have yet to meet a good one.


    Hey Jason if you stop using a nom de guerre like mine I'll show you how to get elected to replace Paddy on the MWRD board. You couldn't be any worse than him and you're not nearly as ugly.

  3. IP.... do you have any suggestions for a new name? I can't think of anything to make fun of! Things are going so well in Uptown.