Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Former Laundromat Slated To Be Self-Storage

5026-5030 N Sheridan on Sunday, January 12
According to DNAinfo, the long-vacant laundromat at 5026-5030 N Sheridan that was knocked down last week will become a new self-storage facility operated by Safeguard Self Storage.  We're not sure how, or if, this lines up with Ald. Osterman's proposed downzoning of the property.  Ald. Osterman said of the property and his reasoning behind downzoning, "I am hoping it will be redeveloped in a positive way to complement the success of its neighbor, Tweet and Big Chicks, and to match the momentum of Argyle Street, the Somerset, newly announced Mariano's and other great things happening in Uptown."

The land is currently under contract and is set for sale next month.  According to this press release, it will open sometime in 2015.

We'd certainly hoped for something a little more glamorous for this lot that could help Big Chicks/Tweet and the renewed Argyle Street attract new customers to a part of town that is becoming increasingly high profile, thanks to the Argyle Night Market, the rehabs of the former Somerset Place and 5050 North Sheridan, and the upcoming Argyle streetscaping project.  If a self-storage facility does go in, the area's tax base will be helped, and that's good, too.  But it's not the complement to Tweet and Big Chicks that Ald. Osterman had hoped for, and we can't help but be slightly disappointed by the news.


  1. I could use a storage room. For the prices LL charge for rent you would think they would have inside storage for their tenants; but no.

  2. Very disappointing to have a storage facility move in here. With the renovation and restoration of Uptown, I know many of us were hoping for retail and restaurant businesses to be attracted here. Storage facilities do nothing to augment the areas in which they are built.

  3. I too am very disappointed with the news. But I don't know that thosnis a fait accompli just yet. Based on my conversation with Osterman"s office, I understand that the downzoning proposal is intended to prevent a building like a storage facility from being built there by reducing the height allowance. If you're interested, the downzoning hearing will be Thursday the 23rd (next week), at 10am at 121 N. LaSalle, 2nd floor.