Thursday, January 23, 2014

News About Maryville Happenings

There's an article in today's Trib about "Cuneo Hospital," the former name of Columbus-Maryville Academy at Clarendon and Montrose, and what's going on in its presumptive future:
  • a demolition permit has been issued for the existing buildings;
  • preservationists would still like to see the buildings saved;
  • the City has reduced the TIF amount from $30 million to $14 million;
  • the Clarendon Park fieldhouse will not be receiving any up-front funds from the TIF due to the city's reduction of the TIF grant;
  • money to restore the fieldhouse will come from money produced by taxes created by whatever gets built on the site (presumably, but not assuredly, the high-rise that JDL proposes)*;
  • Abby Sullivan at the 46th Ward aldermanic office says, "We're also looking into possible funding by the state or the infrastructure trust fund" to restore the fieldhouse"; and
  • there will be a meeting of the Zoning & Development Committee to review the latest plans on Monday night.
You can read the entire article here.

* The site has not generated any taxes since at least 1957, due to the non-profit status and charity work done by the owners/sellers, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart.


  1. Architectural significant? Kind of... But it looks like Mid Century architecture that had been beaten with the ugly stick.

    Come in like a wrecking ball and tear it down!

    1. Architect interview in Art Institute worth reading:

  2. The very first order of business should be slapping a property tax bill on the good sisters as a lien (to be deducted from sale) retroactive to 1988. This property has not been used for religious or charitable purposes since that time.

    1. Actually the sisters ran a children's hospital there up until about 5-6 years ago, but I totally like your idea. I am tired of these organizations paying nothing in property taxes.

    2. I don't believe that's right Jeff, though I do recall the Department of Child and Family Services working out of there for a bit. I'm almost certain it's been totally closed since we bought our condo seven years ago.

    3. I meant children's "shelter."

    4. Jeff- you're right, it closed up @ 5 years ago. When we had the first block party(s) there were still children there.

    5. According to Curbed Chicago, the building's been empty since 2005. By my calculation that's 8-9 years. (Depending on when in 2005 it closed.) I'd be happy with deducting 8.5 years of property taxes from the good sisters' check.

    6. I think someone needs to check their facts at Curbed Chicago.

  3. Is anyone talking about a plan to deal with the fact that when they do anything with this site, it's going to impact the already-damn-near-impossible parking situation we have on Agatite?

    1. Kymberlee- I've been trying to fight this parking problem since Maryville lot closed to resident use. I've asked the alderman's office for help and offered to be part of the solution. I was told to have people on the block petition for permit parking. Permit parking will not help the issue especially if it's only permit from 6pm-6am. That is the only response/solution I was given. I've asked the alderman's office in assistance with the lack of rental parking in the neighborhood and also offered to be part of the solution. I asked who owned the lot on Windsor and Hazel because there is no property management sign on the lot or building next door. The alderman's office informed me that there was no parking lot on that corner, even though there is actually two. After trying to get this info for a few months, I just gave up. I've stood outside parking lots and asked people who came to their cars who owns the lots, I've left notes on buildings and cannot get a rental spot still. The only rental space I've found in 4 blocks of my building is $300. I have no problem paying $200 for monthly parking but $300 is ridiculous.
      Don't even get me started on the cluster mess traffic around here and on Montrose. I deal with it because I like living close to the lake and that's my choice BUT if they are developing this property and everyone knows it's going to make the problem 4 times worse than it is now, they should be made to help with the traffic and parking problems this development will cause. I know they can't make it all better,(no one can) but any help in reducing the parking problem and traffic that 700 additional residents will cause should have been a stipulation in the contract from the beginning.

    2. Depending on the amount of parking planned for the building it may not contribute to parking problems in that part of Uptown. In many highrise rental buildings fewer than half the tenants own cars. I would suspect that would be the case here because of the proximity to public transportation and shopping.

      Current plans are for 759 units and 554 parking spaces. I'm guessing some extra parking will be available for rental. I don't know what the current state of the building code is, but back in the late nineties many buildings downtown had "individual car lift" parking. One car could be parked above another by use of an "elevator". Of course being the "city that works" the building department demanded that every single "lift" be inspected yearly and subject to a licensing fee as if it were a residential elevator. EEJITS. Then my memory is the city prohibited future lifts from being installed, but I may very well be wrong on that.

      As for parking you may want to post something on the UU Facebook page looking for parking. Try Buena Pointe at 4352? N. Broadway. I've seen ads from there advertising parking on Craigslist and community boards.

      Since many of your neighbors, not all, have been diligently working to downsize the building or prevent it from being built you may want to suggest upsizing the parking a bit.

    3. Weiss Hospital Garage has covered neighborhood parking @ $99 a month:

    4. I tried FB and got no response but I'll check out these suggestions today. Thanks IP and Matth!

  4. Why oh why should this site receive TIF funds???? I don't understand, its a free $14 million.

  5. Hurray!!! I have been waiting for these decrepit buildings to be torn down for years.

  6. Where are your Tax Dollars going?

  7. RealTalk - aka Denice - you can thank your former boss Helen for creating this TIF district in the first place. Wonder if you had any objections to it when you were working for her?

  8. REAL Bullshit, you're back!

    How's the Denice Davis campaign for alderman going?

    You may want to try to learn how to hyperlink. It will make your comments appear even more professional and scintillating.

    Hey, buddy. You don't mind me calling you buddy, do you? Since you like to call me "Bud" I believe it's only fair. Is Denice ever going to get some professional campaign help or is she going to rely on graphic designers and music promoters to run the juggernaut that is her campaign? Inquiring pirates wanna know.

    I do see she's planning a February fundraiser. That's a nice range of donations on that flyer. Let's see $100 for the "individual" level and $1500 for the "platinum" level. She needs to add a different level for me. Let's call it the "platinum pirate individual turd" level. I toss five dollars in pennies into the bucket from "Bozo's Circus" and eat and drink a bunch of food while unsuccessfully trying to pick up Mindy. Works for me! Probably wouldn't work for Denice and especially Mindy.

    Perhaps the fundraiser would be more successful if the Shillers brought in some strippers from that club their firm lobbied for. I might even up my "donation" to the ten dollar "Circus Clown" level if strippers were there.

    Alas, a pirate can dream can't he?

    Speaking of dreaming I wrote a rant the other day regarding Uptown and campaign related stuff. Read it and behold my Hemingway like greatness. My turning of a phrase is downright Joycean. Now that I think about it I probably should have called Denice with a "C" the "Uncrowned Queen of Uptown". I need to apologize to James Joyce for that one.

    1. Looking at the trend in New York and Seattle elections, I would be worried if I was a Cappleman supporter. The political climate today favors those who run far-left. Expect 20 more years of Shiller. Let's forget, Cappleman was unable to win against her and that was before thousands in the neighborhood resented him and hundreds picketed his office.

    2. Ryne you're so awesome! You're so awesome you should charge people money to spend time with you. However, be careful. Your awesomeness might overwhelm their nervous systems so just a little awesome at a time. Maybe charge by the hour.

      Now I don't know enough about Seattle to comment on their politics. I do know a little about NYC. DeBlasio won for a variety of reasons. One he's simply a nicer individual than the alcoholic, anger filled now former council President he ran against. That woman comes off as a lesbian version of me! Angry, Irish, can't control her emotions, vile etc etc etc.

      Also DeBlasio was simply better organized. Ala Obama V Clinton in 2008. His mixed race and very photogenic family had appeal across nearly all racial groups in NYC. He got the Italian and the black vote. That may be a first in NYC. Hell his wife used to identify as a lesbian prior to meeting him. In the parlance he turned her from a lesbian to a "hasbian". He must be one hell of a guy, because I have the opposite effect on women.

      He even outpolled the actual black candidate in the race. Said candidate ran very well four years before. NYC was sick of 12 years of a billionaire and stop and frisk campaigns. You couldn't have designed a better candidate in a laboratory in 2013 than DeBlasio. As Tip O'Neil said "all politics is local".

      Now if you believe that Uptown has a fever and Denice is the solution please support her campaign. Me, I have the fever for the flavor of Pringles. Chips in a can! That and Tang orange drink show me to be a child of the sixties and seventies!

      I'll be waiting to see how Denice Davis pulls off DeBlasio like appeal in the 46th ward. I can here Jon Trott beating the passive aggressive Christian war drums from the Friendly Tower.

      As for the people marching against Cappleman that's their right. It would also be right to say that nearly half the 200 or so folks who show up for such marches don't even live in the 46th Ward. The roughly half that do didn't support Cappleman in 2011 and won't support him in 2015. Hell even the young woman who runs Uptown Uprising doesn't live in Uptown. Perhaps she and Marc Kaplan can lead the next march! He lives in Rogers Park I believe. Perhaps you can turn the bullhorn to actual Uptown resident and man about town Jeffrey Littleton. He will already be in front of the cameras anyway so why not give him a wee bit of a thrill.

      I believe I will also have another beer!

    3. If Ryne charges people to spend time with them I would buy a block of that time and have him join me when I volunteer for Mr. James Cappleman in 2015.

    4. PB,

      Let's let Ryne work for the candidate of his choice in the upcoming election. He's a dedicated young socialist, as is his right, and dedicated young socialists need to fight for their dreams. At least until they hit their late twenties and the maturity train pulls in to station AWESOME.

      Seriously, let the opposition to the Capplemaniac grow. For every vote they get for whoever their candidate turns out to be Cappleman will likely garner a greater number of votes because of their positions and tactics.

      Here's the Uptown Uprising moderator talking about the new 42 Grams restaurant:

      Uptown Uprising As a left-wing Christian, I feel this type of greed is against my faith.
      January 14 at 6:12pm ·

      Uptown Uprising Like in the book of Matthew, Christ today would have stormed in and turned over tables.
      January 14 at 6:20pm

      They're all for openness and inclusion. Well openness and inclusion as they define it. All businesses and residents of Uptown will have to stand before a committee to decide whether they can open or expand a business or move in to the ward. Hell, in their dreams they would force many of us out of Uptown. I actually shovel my sidewalks. Off with my bougie head!

    5. True true IP. It is a funny thing to think a Socialist would sell his or her companionship, I was just thinking of good uses for the available time slots.
      If he were truly a dovout Socialist though wouldn't those time slots be available for free to all for the common good?

    6. Well the Revolution will cost money.

      Perhaps Ryne can rent out a local theater and sell tickets to hordes of people just so we can sit in the dark. literally and figuratively, and listen to him speak as we breathe in his awesomeness and just feel energized by his creative socialist energy!

      Jon Trott can give the opening benediction and Littleton can light the way out of the theater with his hair!

    7. Hey IP, I knew it was something. You are a part of the Uptown Update Team. The rhetoric sounds the same!
      Who cares who live where. Who cares about DeBlasio appeal! I have to say you are a crafty blogger, but you represent a handful. Your ideals are dated and your language tends to be to offensive to the majority. I wonder how our current alderman feels about you representing his campaign.
      When you step outside of your small circle of friends that also includes PB. You may get a chance to observe strategically the "CappleGod" is in real trouble.

    8. I'm not part of the Uptown Update team. At least if you mean am I one of the direct contributors to this page. I don't believe I've ever even met any of them. I do know the real identity of the guy who started it though. He made the mistake of reaching out to me when the site was created back in 2007. I've managed not to reveal his ID, but if he ever wins the lottery I expect some compensation for my silence or I will out him like I'd out a GOP Senator hanging out in an airport bathroom or banging a hooker.

      Who cares about "DeBlasio appeal"? Maybe the people who voted for him? Who cares who lives where? Well if the marchers don't live in the 46th Ward, and many if not most do not, then they have no direct say in our elections. I just find it interesting that so many non Uptown residents seem to want to influence the density of Uptown. I'm sorry, did I say "density"? I meant "destiny". Density could work, but since I'm addressing you I will keep it simple.

      Now are you aware of the "enter" key on your keyboard? Also read over what you've typed before you hit the "enter" key. The "enter" key can be used to "paragraph" your writing. The "enter" key is your friend. I'm not. Your friend that is. I'm also not the "enter" key.

      Cappleman's as responsible for my typing as you claim Denice Davis is for Shiller's past positions. In other words not at all. That would be Cappleman vis a vis my typing. Not Denice who was a loyal soldier in Shiller's militant milita.

      Please for the love of standard written English please READ what you've written and use the "enter" key appropriately.

      Goodnight sweet prince!

  9. Uptown has something big planned about this issue
    Monday at 6:00

  10. WOW!! Irish Pirate or should I call you "platinum pirate individual turd"? IJS? Anyway assumptions make you look like a BIG A**HOLE. I am far from a politician. Whatever Ms. Davis is doing or her camp is doing,must be working. You seem to be up to speed on the happenings.
    Thanks for letting me know about the Fundraiser I prolly "Slang for probably" got a hundo "Slang for $100".
    Look like there is a movement starting in Uptown. I see you mentioned Uptown Uprising. The ole CappleGod may get De-Throned. Where does that leave you? Back to yelling and attempting to chase the newly elected alderman around the ward. Prolly won't work this time though.
    Oh yeah its interesting that you refer to citizens or the working class citizens of Uptown as "Vermins". LOL!! #ICANTWAIT!!

  11. I don't look like a big asshole. I am a big asshole. Burly as you may have called me before. That hurt my feelings. I'm merely big boned. In the Netherlands or the NFL I wouldn't even be considered all that burly so let's just pretend we are Dutch American Football Players! There I feel better now.

    As the Big Uptown Asshole, BUA, I need to point out a few things.

    1. I don't believe I ever called the citizens or working class of Uptown "vermins". If I did please point it out. Or is this one of those things you deduced from your Ouija board and some peyote? Let's see before you called me a racist and now I'm using words like "vermins"? What's next? Child pornographer? War criminal? Touch typist? Ventriloquist? Alligator wrangler? Barber of Seville? Duke of Dover? Baron of Beacon? Sheik of Sheridan Park? Czar of Cuyler?

    2. Check out the weather report for Monday. The high is projected to be - 5 degrees in the fahrenheit scale. That's dangerously cold to be marching. Perhaps it would be better to have your horde of supporters meet at Weiss prior to the meeting. I guess wannabee Trotskys don't need to consult bougie things like weather reports. I'd hate to see reports on Tuesday of frozen marchers being dethawed at emergency rooms all over the north side.

    3. No one her is fooled by your denial of working for "Necie". Step up your game. "Concerned" and RealTalk, post within a short time frame. Gee, that's so clever. At approximately the same time "MarketingJCH" posts at the UU Facebook page. Gawd, you must think we're clueless. I'm not even going to bother looking at the Denice for Alderman Facebook page.

    4. Cappleman is not going to lose to Denice Davis. If you really want to get rid of him find a real candidate. Perhaps Littleton is available? Oh, I said real candidate. Good luck with the search. I understand that some of the more serious left wingers in Uptown are annoyed that Denice is running. They feel her running may preclude a candidate with a better chance of winning from getting into the race. They're right. It may.

    5. Yes I follow Uptown Uprising. I find it amusing. I don't find the references to "ethnic cleansing" and "war" amusing though. Ask some of the residents of Uptown or Edgewater who moved here from the former Yugoslavia or parts of Africa what they think of Uptown Uprising comparing ethnic change in Uptown to the war crimes they moved to escape.

    4. I'd recommend Cappleman ask for a CPD presence at the Monday meeting. People on all sides of an issue can get worked up and this time it's the leftist horde getting worked up. When Shiller was Alderman, prior to her lobbying firm working with strip clubs, some anti Shiller types got overly rambunctious at two meetings that I can recall. Maybe more.

    By the way I never chased Helen. At least not in any sense that didn't involve typing on a computer or making some stupid videos. I thought her being chased from a meeting was wrong, but she instigated it by running. She should have stood her ground like King Leonidas and the Spartans at Thermopylae or the Black Night in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Now that I think about it things didn't turn all that well for them. Perhaps running was her best option!

    5. Please ask Mindy not to dress as a condiment if the march is held. I'd hate for her to become a leftistsicle. Now Littleton can freeze and it's would be no "skin off my ass" as my dad would say. However, I suspect Littleton's hair has magic properties which would prevent him from freezing. Perhaps you should stand next to him at the march and absorb any warmth from his hair. Look for him right in front of the cameras acting like an overcaffinated 12 year old boy at a porn convention.

    1. RealTalk also assaulted a couple of the commentators in the comments section of the Trib article. She seems to be the female doppelganger of Jeffrey Littleton. Bitches about everything positive or makes it a racial issue. Typical Shiller-Davis tactics. No plan just loud, uneducated shouting....

    2. USH and IP say it well. I think that most voters are interested in what a candidate demonstrates s/he CAN do to improve life for their constituents, rather than what sort of rage they can foment by manipulating people who don't know any better. So, really, the more that RT keeps up with the negativity and racial crap, the will do more to piss off a growing majority of voters in the ward and motivate them more to vote for a candidate with a good record and positive message.

    3. Ursine one,

      shouldn't you be hibernating. It's the coldest January in 100 friggin years. That's almost as old as my granny and my granny now swims with the leprechauns or at least leprechaun fishes.

      What RealBullshit and the Davis campaign don't realize is that by engaging me they lose. Much better to ignore my meaningless rambling and whatever silly videos I make.

      Then again that would take a serious, disciplined campaign. Cirque Du Denice lacks seriousness and discipline. It's more a campaign driven by ego and an overwhelming sense of entitlement than a campaign driven by the capacity to win. Ain't gonna happen!

      Now with my twisted and absurd sense of humor I will enjoy watching Cirque Du Denice collapse like a flying Wallenda after the rope has broken.

      However, as someone who prefers a good game part of me will regret it if a more serious candidate doesn't run against the Capplemaniac. I'd still vote for Cappleman and no matter what he's an overwhelming favorite to win, but serious candidates make for better if not more amusing campaigns.

      I do have a campaign slogan for Denice.

      "Denice shall thrive in twenty one five!"

      I do have a campaign slogan for James C and the Capplemaniacs.

      "Uptown Future. Not Uptown Past."


      "The Road is Ahead--Not Behind."

      Hey, I said "behind". snicker.

    4. I'm now replying to myself.

      Campaign Slogans:

      The first one is free RealBullshit. The rest will cost ya!

      "Denice with a "C". The "C" is for Caring".

      Cappleman's reply:

      "Denice with a "C". The "C" is for Crazy!"

      Actually that first one's not bad. I should call David Axelrod.

  12. irish pirate Reading this blog with your comments, RIDICULOUS! You are assuming again!

    @Chicago2013 there is two buildings proposed at that site along with another grocery store something like 2600 sq feet. The parking problem will be ten times worse.

    Please visit the Facebook page of "Friends of Cuneo" and get all the information you need in regards to the Maryville-Columbus project and JDL proposal. A nightmare to say the least!!

    Now as far as irish pirate well known as a member of the Uptown Comission along with the current alderman. irish pirate will always deliver a biased opinion when speaking about the current alderman or any projected candidate to replace the alderman.

    Good Day Mate. Darn that's Australian.

    1. I know what the plans are. I also know about the opposition group(s) that do not want this site developed. I live very very close to the location and have followed the development of this land since Sedgwick came in with a proposal. There is no doubt it will add to the traffic problem.
      I'm sorry I don't support your efforts because there is some information you are publishing that is not exactly accurate.

  13. Now I'm well known as a member of the Uptown "Comission"? I had a commission in the Army. Resigned it years ago. Didn't want to get involuntarily called up. I would have volunteered for the Osama Bin Laden raid, but they didn't need a middle aged guy who can't shoot all that well. Well at least compared to special forces types. I knew a guy who could shoot the tail off a rat at 1000+ yards. Me, I woulda just called in an airstrike on a satellite phone.

    I'm glad you started using the "enter" key to paragraph your writing. However, you should have directly linked to the "Friends of Cuneo" page. I linked to a page before to show you how to do that. I won't do it again.

    Now I will leave you with an Irish blessing.

    Pog mo thoin!

  14. Actually I just reviewed the latest plans for the Maryville site and the proposed grocery is 30,000 square feet. That's about two average sized Walgreens. Hardly a traffic nightmare.

    As for use of TIF money give JDL a few more stories and some added density and perhaps the TIF "contribution": can be reduced. I find it amusing that the Uptown Uprising/Denice Davis slackeys/socialist horde are focusing on the use of TIF money for a "private park" located well above ground level.

    Seems the private playground at the Holsten Wilson Yard buildings didn't bother them. My guess is that if the Maryville proposal were 800 units of entirely low income housing, a larger version of Wilson Yard, they would be extolling how wonderful the "private park" would be for the residents.

    Now with the Dearborn Wholesale property becoming potentially available perhaps we can get some real development in that section of Uptown. Use eminent domain to buy at above market rates all the property on Montrose from Broadway to Clarendon. Then put up an 80 story IrishPirate entirely market rate housing for the bougie traitors highrise. Of course a new major grocery store would have to be built with it. Then once it's done knock down Pensacola Place and the Jewel/World Gym and put up another twin highrise. IP towers part deux!

    I could see 5000 or more units of market rate housing there. Then after JPUSA is sued into oblivion over the charges of child molestation we can knock down the "Friendly Tower" and put in IP tower Three with a strip club on the ground floor.

    I only advocate the strip club because knowing the Shiller's past strip club advocacy I want them to be able to represent the club owner and make a few bucks. It's the American Way!

    I'm just a "People for the American Way:" kinda pirate,

  15. Interesting article at ChiStreetsBlog argues that the JDL plan includes TOO MUCH parking with 554 new spaces, pointing out that half of Uptown residents don't own cars and that there are plenty of wildly underutilized parking structures already, including the taxpayer-funded Truman College parking structure just five blocks away.

    "A common complaint from opponents of new developments is that the added density will generate more traffic. In the current system, which requires a set number of parking spots, this concern makes some sense. But it doesn’t make sense if the capacity for parking is reduced and residents use other means to get around. Half of all Uptown residents commute mainly by transit, and 45 percent do not own any cars."

    1. I was told I cannot rent a parking space at Truman College and park overnight so how does that help parking in the neighborhood? The initiative to increase public transit and reduce cars is great but some people have to have a car. It's not that I want a car in the city, I must have a car for my job. It may be true that 45% of residents do not have a car in Uptown BUT that doesn't mean that certain areas do not have enough parking. When the neighborhood residents were allowed to use the Maryville lot for parking, I believe we fit about 150, maybe 200 cars in that lot??
      Part of the outlined plan it to offer rental parking to neighborhood residents that don't live in the building so with 554 spaces- they will be out of parking spaces within a month of the building opening.
      There is no way for anyone to fully realize the enormous parking problem unless they live on Agatite, Montrose or Clarendon in the vicinity of Maryville. It takes 40 minutes to find a parking place at 4:00 on a Sunday in the summer. It takes 30-45 minutes to find parking on the weeknights in the summer because of the softball games at Clarendon Park. I choose to live here so I really shouldn't complain, but I've also tried to request help and assist with the parking and traffic problem, to no availe so I think that does give me the right to moan about it some since I've tried to volunteer my time but the alderman's office will offer no assistance.

    2. Do a google search for "Buena Pointe" and find the management company. Contact them to see if any residents of that building are renting parking.

      Or try Craigslist. I just searched under their parking category and Uptown and found a bunch of listings. Mostly at Weiss.

      Here's an example.

      I refuse to hyperlink as I believe the Lord helps those who help themselves. Book of Buccaneer: Chapter 1, Verse 3.

      If you can't find parking in a reasonable distance and you rent you may want to consider moving a bit further west where street parking or rental parking is easier to find.

    3. Truman College doesn't want anyone parking there except for their own staff and students...although I do recall a temporary suspension of that policy in order to let the "townies" park there for a day or two during the Rahm-blizzard a couple winters ago. CTA also seems to have forgotten that they chipped in money to help build the structure, with an agreement that 50-some spaces would be set aside for CTA park-and-ride.

      Part of the reason why such a large percentage of Uptown residents take public transit and don't own cars is because we have a HUGE amount of subsidized housing--which would normally mean that those residents don't have money to buy, insure, license, and operate their own vehicles (the exceptions are the gang-banging drug-dealing sons of some subsidized housing residents, who like to buy new vehicles every two or three months). As the gangs are eased out and more balance in the economic status of the neighborhood continues, you will likely see more residents with cars. That's fine. It's part of living in a city.

      So, why are people living in buildings with no or inadequate off-street parking? Have you looked into building off-street parking at your own building? If not, why not?

    4. Does that garage ever get filled? I don't recall ever seeing that electronic sign they have on Wilson say the garage has no spots available. If it's never filled they should be forced to open up overnight parking to the neighborhood. The college system can use the revenue and the neighborhood could use the parking. It's probably just a case of the Truman administration trying to keep out the local riff raff like Bear and Me. Well at least me.

      They were supposed to be available for Cubs parking too. No park and ride?

      I'm not sure we'll see more cars in the neighborhood as time goes by. There seems to be a national and local trend of fewer cars per resident. With what twenty somethings pay for phone and internet access many can't afford cars or do without them. They seem less enamored of car culture than the creaky older folks.

      Time will tell.


    Bunch of listings there at Buena Pointe.

  17. Just an FYI there is parking available, or at least there was a few months ago, in the building connected to Jewel. It was $300 a month for heated garage parking though. I am assuming that is the $300 you are referring to above.