Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chicago PD Films In Uptown

While Chicago PD films on the SE corner of Leland and Broadway,
the folks right across the street are watching on tv ... Chicago PD.

Thank you so much to our reader JM, who braved the cold to get lots of photos of yesterday's filming of Chicago PD at Dalia Food Market, at 4661 N Broadway.  While the store was closed all day, they didn't start bringing equipment over until around 1:45 in the afternoon and didn't begin filming until the evening hours.

"So the apparent story behind today's taping is that there is a bank robbery (at the Bridgeview Bank Building). Most of the day they were inside the Bridgeview Bank Building. Additional footage was filmed at the Fine Food Market.

They didn't start filming at the Fine Food Market until about 8pm.  It is 9pm and they are still filming. Looks like most of the acting is happening around the cash register inside.  They will be wrapping up there shortly and headed to an area behind the Borders Building."

Click on the photos for larger versions.  The episode is tentatively scheduled to air on April 2nd; it is Episode 11 of the season.


  1. They definitely like filming at that corner. Didn't ER film something there before?

  2. Great corner in a remarkable urban environment sense for sure.

    Dear building/business owner: Not trying to be rude, but please use that money you’re receiving to improve the appearance of your property. Mustard yellow painted brick? Really? That building could look so much more tolerable.

  3. ER filmed at that corner and across the street in January of 2009
    Negotiator filmed sometime in 1998

  4. Cool they are filming here, but the show kinda stinks.

  5. Nice guys that work there but the store needs a facelift..

  6. I kind of enjoy it. There are some liberties taken by the producer but so what?