Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lights Out

We've been hearing from readers that there are several blocks with no streetlights on either side of the street for a few nights now, most notably Wilson between Clark and Malden.  There's also Carmen between Glenwood and Broadway, and Glenwood between Winona and Argyle.

We don't have any information about the outages, but urge you to call 311 to report them.  If you give the 311 operator your cell phone number, you'll receive an incident number via text that you can follow through the system, or you can request an incident number from the person taking your report.  You also might want to drop a line to the alderman for each area affected to get this on his radar.

With it getting dark around 4:40, and with the patches of ice on the sidewalks and streets, it's downright dangerous not to have street lighting, not to mention that unlighted areas make people and property more susceptible to crime.  We hope the Bureau of Electricity solves these problems soon.

Update:  As of Thursday night, all the streets mentioned above were ablaze with lights.  Kudos to the Bureau of Electricity and to readers for calling 311 to get them back on.  Streets were dark between three and six nights prior to tonight.

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