Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Chicago PD" To Film In Uptown Next Week

If you're a fan of Chicago Fire, you probably know about its new spinoff, Chicago PD, which airs Wednesday nights on NBC.

The owner of Dalia Food Market, 4661 N Broadway (at Leland) tells us that Chicago PD is scheduled to shoot in his store on Wednesday, January 22nd.  (The store will be closed to customers that day only.)  Mohammed Alamawi says that he's been told the footage shot in his store will be shown in Episode 11, which should be on the air sometime around April 2nd. 

So if you're a fan of the show (info about its cast and episodes here), you may want to stop by and see a little "Hollywood on the Lake" action happening.  The Facebook page for Dalia Food Market is here.


  1. This show is from the creator of the Law & Order Series. Chicago PD is a bit too dark and violent for me. I also do not think that it paints our really police force in a good light.

    1. I agree about Chgo PD being too dark and violent; and I don't like the lead actor, the detective guy. Glad they're filming in Chgo, but it's nowhere near Chicago Fire, which is excellent.

  2. This is interesting. I wonder if they have a need for extras. I was an extra in the movie "The Dark Knight".

  3. This show reminds me of "The Shield". The lead Sgt. Hank seems almost like sociopath. The Chicago police have a rough reputation outside the city and this show will spread this wrong image.

  4. I miss The Chicago Code, which also filmed in our area (Irving Park right by where the "L" crosses overhead) but sadly is no more

  5. I liked Chicago Code a lot better. The storyline was more developed and true, crooked alderman, and the show was nowhere near as dark. I also totally agree with AmericanIt about spreading the wrong image. The national news was all over Chicago for our shootings last year, now we're going to be a city of shootings and renegade cops. Great.

  6. I've gotta agree about Chicago Code being better. Never really been a big fan of Chicago Fire (a little too cheesy for me) but I've stuck with it just because it's Chicago! Of course they're filming under the gritty Red Line tracks... I've been wondering when somebody was going to showcase Uptown's finest scenery (read urban decay).

  7. Chicago Code was SOOOO much better. Chicago PD even wastes the talent of Steppenwolf's Amy Morton

  8. The Chicago Code was terrible, the acting was adolescent. For those of you who think Chicago will be portrayed in a poor light due to this show need to get a grip on reality. Its TV. I don't think tourists will stop traveling to this great city due to a TV show.

  9. I'm not a big TV watcher - I watched some Law & Order many years ago, but haven't seen any of the above shows mentioned. The two comments repeated through several posts are 1) it's (too) dark/violent, and 2) it doesn't paint the CPD in a great light.

    Again, noting I haven't seen any of these shows:
    1) Chicago is the US murder capital...if this show is taking a lead in dark/violent content, isn't it on par with the city in some way? (Or is this like Quentin Tarantino style where it's extraordinarily over the top?!)

    2) I have a bit of a love-hate perspective on the CPD, or perhaps many public police forces for that matter. On one hand, they perform an admirable job, accept low pay and put up with an exorbitant amount of crap I'm sure is not in their job description/nobody else would ever want to deal with. On the other, it seems (personal opinion here only) very often, the officers I see have packed on about 30-150lbs of extra weight and look to Serve and Protect...Dunkin' Doughnuts. I also have issue of course with the storied past of CPD brutality and the like (specifically noting periods in the past filled with stories of obtaining false confessions, torture...Jon Burge type, etc), and wonder how much corruption there exists within the force (especially when stories run rampant of Chicago politicians being nabbed in bribery, collusion, etc). So, again noting that I haven't seen the show, how is it that the force is being portrayed improperly? (and the answer very well could be that the series is over dramatized for ratings, etc)

    Again, only some personal opinions/observations - none that are made to be offensive but stated in such a way that casual observation may lead others to similar deductions...and I'm curious how this conflicts with the image as portrayed by a nationally syndicated television program.