Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fast Food Facades Frenetically Formulated

In spite of the past week's vile weather, construction has been continuing at breakneck speed on both the new Sonic being built at Kenmore and Wilson and the McDonald's being remodeled at Wilson and Sheridan.  Workers could be seen at both on December 30th and 31st even as the snow fell.

Not a great photo, but the thin brick exterior has been applied to the walls of the new Sonic

Next door at McDonald's, the mansard roof has been hidden, and
flat sides have been added.  The new color scheme appears to be "adobe."


  1. Whoever is the developer of the Sonic's really needs to shovel their walks like every other business is supposed to. Horrible conditions trying to walk to the L. Can't imagine what it's like for someone with a disability.

    1. Wilson is part of the SSA, which is responsible for clearing snow over 2" from sidewalks in the business district. I know they've made a few rounds during this seemingly endless snowfall, and I'm wondering if the snow is blowing from the two parking lots to cover the sidewalk after it's plowed. You can contact Uptown United about the SSA, as they administer it.