Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Broadway Speed Cameras Playing For Keeps Now

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According to a press release from the city, the two speed cameras on the 4400 block of Broadway aren't just flashing for fun anymore.  As of yesterday, they're issuing tickets.

Woe be to any motorist going in excess of 30mph.  It's all designed to protect the non-existent children frolicking at Challenger Park at 11pm, children no one has ever seen.

"The final warning and subsequent speeding tickets from Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras will begin to be issued this week in the Children’s Safety Zone near Challenger Park.  The cameras at 4429 and 4446 N. Broadway near Challenger Park begin enforcement today."

Interestingly, there's no mention of the speed camera placed at 1142 W Irving Park, near the official address of "Challenger Playlot Park" (which is in reality the entrance to a two-block long parking lot).

The press release goes on to say:

"The City will start enforcement by only issuing tickets for speeders going 10 or more miles per hour over the posted speed limit.  That ticket threshold will gradually be lowered going forward.

Fines for violations are $35 for vehicles travelling 6-10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit while in a safety zone, and $100 for vehicles travelling 11 or more miles over the posted speed limit.

The Children’s Safety Zones are designated within 1/8th of a mile from Chicago parks or schools. The enforcement hours around parks will be limited to only those hours parks are open (typically 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week) with a 30 mph speed limit."

So, take your foot off the gas on Broadway, and Irving Park, too, just to be safe.  Anything in excess of 30mph will make those cameras flash, and anything in excess of 41mph will cost you a cool hundred bucks.

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  1. So outrageous. I'm getting a "speeding" ticket for going 36 mph?? Really?? Another reason to get out of this tax/fee/fine/breathe-too-hard-and-pay-up-so-government-officials-can-misspend-more-$ city.