Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winter Parking Ban Begins Tonight, Including Foster West Of Clark

Chicago's winter parking ban on certain arterial streets between 3am and 7am begins tonight and lasts through March 2014.

Luckily for us, Uptown is almost wholly devoid of streets that qualify under the ban -- the only exception is Foster Avenue, west of Clark Street.

DO NOT PARK THERE after 3am.  Even if there's no snow.  Even if it's so hot that someone's set up a beach hammock between the street lights.  Even if Mayor Emanuel himself tells you it's okay.  It's not.  Your vehicle will be towed.  It's not cheap to get it back:  $60 parking ticket... $150 tow fee... $20 a day for storing your car, which you never asked them to store anyway.

This is different than the snow routes, which are illegal to park on if more than two inches of snow fall.  We'll talk about that when it happens.  But for now, don't park on Foster west of Clark.  You can check out a map of all the arterial streets affected here.

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