Saturday, November 30, 2013

Two(!!) Businesses Open At Buena & Broadway

At long last, no more "site of the former KFC"! 7-11 has remodeled and officially opened on the southwest corner.

Meanwhile, on the northwest corner, the long-rumored "high-end wine and cheese store" is a reality!  North Buena Deli & Wines opened last night, with the Grand Opening to take place next Saturday, December 7th.  The hours are 10am to 10pm seven days a week, and the phone number is 773-270-4179.

It's a nice space, with some better quality candies, cookies, and snacks; a small seating area looking out the windows; a good assortment of wines and spirits; and a two deli counters with a mouth-watering variety of meats and cheeses.


  1. I checked this place out today. They look to be the same owners as GNS Foods down the street but they have developed this place in contrast to GNS. Nice and open, an actual deli, it feels nice. Don't get me wrong, this isn't Bakers & Nosh, but we don't need another B&N right now. It is a nice addition to the corner. Now if they can get a nice breakfast place put up here too, it would be golden.

  2. Drove by the wine shop yesterday. What a welcome change to the corner.

  3. Partner and I enjoyed sandwiches there Sunday afternoon. the seating area consists of two stools and three feet of ledge on either side of the door. It suited us fine. The sandwiches were fresh and the variety of the selection was good. Their bourbon selection is outstanding and reasonably priced if not inexpensive. The gin selection was also good. The wine selection is exciting and very reasonably priced. The staff is friendly and helpful and the space is appealing.