Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shermain Miles Out Of Prison, Vows She Has Changed

Chandler West/For Sun-Times Media
Shermain Miles is once again on the front page of the Sun-Times, where she's been many times before.

396 arrests (putting her in the top one percent of Illinois criminals), assaulting an alderman, and having the chairman of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board attend your misdemeanor trials will do that.

After nearly a year behind bars, she's sober and back in Chicago as of Monday, this time taking up residence at a second-chance residential home for ex-inmates in Humboldt Park.  She says that drinking made her "a monster" and that she knows that remaining sober and staying away from her former street companions are the keys to her new life.

The entire article is here; Stefano Esposito of the Sun-Times has done a stellar job of tracking Ms. Miles's progress over the past year or so, and this article is no exception.

A lifetime of bad habits and criminal activity is a hard pattern to break out of.  Addiction is, as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous puts it, "cunning, baffling and powerful."  We hope Ms. Miles is up to the challenge and that she remains sober and non-newsworthy.  We'd love to never have to write about her again, and hope the counter on her arrest records stays frozen right where it is now.


  1. This whole deal let the nation know how screwed up Cook County justice system is. The Judges and prosecuters at Belmont/Western are just as guilty. Lets hope she hit the AA meetings as hard as she hit the booze.

    1. I use to know her in grade school. From 1974-76. She really was a very caring person and a real Queen. All the boys liked her a lot... . It's such a tremendous shame what's happened to her. It's truly unbelievable. What's even more unbelievable is she's still alive and not dead. Keep her in your prayers everyone. She's still a human being, she's the Lord's creation. It's not over until it's over. God bless, Hebrew 13:5. Most sincerely Leslie ... .

    2. Thank you, Leslie! Deep down, Shermain has a good heart given all her past trauma that has made her life more difficult. Recovery can be tough, but over the years, I've seen her take more steps forward than back. I continue to want the best for her.

  2. If you've actually been following this story you wouldn't be so quick to lay blame. Let's let this one rest and wish Ms. Miles the best.