Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sheridan Park Man Charged With Felony Public Indecency

What is it with these guys?  First a man from who-knows-where is reported to have parked in Uptown at least twice and self-pleasured in clear sight of passersby, and now there is a man from Uptown accused of exposing himself to children on school buses driving on the Eisenhower Expressway.

In the latest, Eugene Himelstein of the 4700 block of North Racine is charged with twice following school buses full of children leaving downtown and then exposing himself while driving next to them once they got on the expressway.  It happened twice, on September 6th and September 10th.  He was reported by a social worker and a bus driver.  Thanks to someone having written down the license plate number of his car, he was arrested at his home on Saturday morning.

We're glad that the cops are taking incidents like these seriously and bringing felony charges.  If you happen to see such behavior, please call 911 and try to get the license number and a description of the person.  Because... yuck.  Just yuck.


  1. I think this is the same man I have seen riding his bike around Broadway and Leland wearing really really short shorts and a white tank top. I first spotted him over the summer, but then saw him in this same outfit after it was already cold out. Only the last time, I was walking to Soggy Paws and he was in the alley between Racine and Magnolia. Really creepy dude.

  2. Did he have a car stereo rigged up to his bike, with speakers and a battery? Sounds/looks like a weirdo I've seen riding up the lakefront trail and at Navy Pier.

  3. I'm ninety percent sure I've seen this guy on and near Wilson on various occasions.

    Can't say I've seen him on a bike. I hope he gets some help because apparently he's had this issue of public exhibitionism for many years.

    Another mope I used to see around is now serving time in the Federal Pen.

    Blago was his name and selling Senate seats was his game. He used to jog frequently through Uptown. I saw him on the Sunnyside Mall and even as far south as Irving a few times. One time maybe 6-7 years ago I saw him jogging near Graceland about Halloween. Now that was creepy!

  4. This guy has lived for years in the building adjacent to mine. He's always been a bit odd, almost stereotypically creepy, but more like some humorously strange neighbor from a sitcom- not ever threatening, just one of the many characters of Uptown. Too bad he was actually a real creep! No more Mr. shorty-shorts.

  5. Thank goodness, they charged this weirdo with a felony. Hopefully, the prosecuters don't plea it down to Disorderly Conduct like they usually do.