Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meeting Monday Night On Rezoning Request For
1896 Victorian Home On Magnolia

A note from Dover Street Neighbors' Facebook page:

"Re: 4642 N. Magnolia Ave:

Ald. Cappleman's office has scheduled a meeting on Monday, November 25th, at 6 p.m., at the Clarendon Park field house [4501 N Clarendon], to discuss a proposal for possible upzoning and redevelopment of 4642 N. Magnolia. Neighbors welcome. My understanding is that residents of the Magnolia-Malden Block Club will be eligible to vote on the issue."  

UU Note:  Magnolia-Malden Block Club covers the area bordered by Wilson, Broadway, Lawrence and Malden.

Background:  Ald. Cappleman said in his weekly newsletter in late October:
  • "4642 N. Magnolia HomeThis home in Sheridan Park is gutted inside due to a fire that occurred close to 2 decades ago. The prospective buyer is only interested in purchasing this home if he is allowed to tear it down in order to build something else on this site. Because the home is orange-rated (meaning it has historical significance), there's an automatic evaluation to assess if this building has Landmark status. All orange-rated buildings go through this same process.
  1. If the Historic Preservation Division (part of the Dept. of Planning) deems this property to be historically significant, it will not be torn down and there will be no need to upzone the property. Someone who is interested in restoring the house would have to purchase the property. For information how a property is determined to have historical significance, click here.
  2. If the Historic Preservation Division does not want to proceed with landmarking this building, the house will be torn down and the new owner will present new building plans to the Magnolia-Malden Block Club. If the new proposal requires an upzone, members of the block club will have a strong say on whether or not this would occur. If the new proposal does not require any zoning change, the new owner does not need community input to build as long as it remains within the current zoning guidelines.
Email the block club president to join: You must live within the boundaries to vote."