Friday, November 8, 2013

Parking Available If Your Alley is Being Repaved

Some of the flooding in the alley behind 907 W Sunnyside
The alleys on the 900 block of Agatite/Sunnyside and the 4600 block of Kenmore/Winthrop are closed to residents through the end of November while CDOT repairs them to alleviate flooding.  Neither area is parking-friendly at the best of times, and denying access to garages and parking areas has presented a hardship to residents.  If you live in either area, there's a solution.  Ald. Cappleman's Thursday newsletter says:
If your alley is currently getting repaved, come by the 46th Ward Office for a free parking sticker to park your car at Stewart Grade School (4425 N. Kenmore) that will be good through December 5, 2013. A special thanks to CPS for allowing this. 

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