Sunday, November 17, 2013

Loving Heart Vegan Cafe Opens

Loving Heart, which bills itself as a "pure vegan cafe," has opened in the former Purple Cow storefront at 838 W Montrose, just a couple doors down from The Reservoir.  A reader gives rave reviews to its Hearty Bean Wrap, declaring it "delicious!"  No one would ever accuse us of being vegan, but the Eden Wrap and Coconutty Smoothie sound enticing, so we'll be stopping by soon to give those a try.

Loving Heart says it does carryout and self-serve dine-in (no delivery).  It's open Sunday 2pm-8pm, and Monday & Wednesday-Saturday noon-8pm (closed Tuesdays).

Check out the website here and a larger version of the menu here.  The phone number is 773-561-5399.

Two vegan restaurants (three if you count Ch'ava).  Definitely not your father's Uptown.  Welcome to Loving Heart!


  1. They describe themselves as a vegan and vegetarian coffee shop. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, so I never noticed in great detail what they serve. But that's how they're described.

  2. They might have a few vegetarian options, but no more so than any other place. I'm surprised they describe themselves that way.

  3. Sound like a good menu. Does anyone else wonder if maybe the owners are refugees from the Loving Hut/Supreme Master Ching Hai cult?