Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Immediate Volunteer/Donations Opportunity

Update:  1200 boxes have been filled and the cargo container is ready to go.  They still need volunteers today and are accepting donations to be delivered by ship, which will get there around Christmas.  The revised list of what is needed:

Here is the order of priority of good needed:
  1. Ready to eat foods:
    Canned with peel off lid.
    No fresh food..No bread, fruit
    NO WATER… handled there.
  2. Medicines, Over the Counter-
    First Aid Kits
    Bandages, Ointments, soaps
    Disinfectant wipes
  3. Shelters
    Tents, Tarps, rope (think like a person who has lost everything, what do you need?)
  4. Clothing and shoes
    Blankets, slippers/flip-flops, gym shoes, pants, shirts
    New Underwear
  5. Long-Term survival that is portable
    Cooking pans, portable stoves
    Tools, pocket knives, shovels
    Lanterns, Batteries
  6. Rizal center needs
    Moving Trucks to relocate organized goods
    Volunteers to unload vehicles, sort goods, pack and label.
    Storage for boxes.
Keep updated at this link:  http://fan-chicago.org/looking-for-volunteers-donations-at-rizal-center-nov-12-13/

Wednesday evening, a cargo plane will be taking off from Chicago to the Philippines with food, clothing and supplies for those affected by the recent typhoon.

Volunteers are working until midnight Tuesday and all day Wednesday to receive and pack up enough donations to fill a 42' container that will be aboard that plane.  Even in 25 degree weather tonight, they were busy taking donations out of cars that lined up along Irving Park Road.

It's all happening at the Jose Rizal Center, on Irving Park just west of Clark (1332 W Irving Park).  If you can help, they need you!  If you can donate, they need your stuff!

They are looking for these items:
  • used and new clothing (no winter clothes please)
  • towels
  • first aid kits
  • easy to open canned-goods
  • bread
  • gym shoes
  • disinfectant wipes and gels
  • sneakers
  • flip flops
  • No bottled water, since those logistics are being handled on the ground
There is no electricity and water in the area so please provide only NO COOK foods.

If you don't have anything to give, but want to help, please call and see if they need your help packing boxes.  Tonight there were easily 50-75 volunteers there at 10:45pm and the cars just kept showing up with donations.

More information is here.


  1. According to the website you linked to, they don't want donations of bread.

  2. They updated the list of needs this morning at 9:45. Last night they were requesting bread because they were trying to get goods that will be delivered on Thursday by cargo plane. Since they achieved that goal, the next shipments will be by ship and they have updated the list of what can be sent.

  3. As of 11:15 PM there were still dozens of people there and three trucks being loaded. I assume given the scope of the disaster this will be an ongoing effort.