Friday, October 11, 2013

Who Left That Crane In The Driving Lane?

Ouch!  Earlier this afternoon, CTA bus met construction crane on Sheridan just north of Wilson, in front of the McDonald's.  Guess which won?

Thanks to reader Steven Chaikin for this photo of what hopefully was an injury-free accident (except to the bus.  Just look at all the broken glass on the street!)


  1. how stupid do you have to be to drive a bus into the back of a crane?

  2. Years ago, when the buffalo grazed the fields and before the nasty judge took away my driver's license I drove into a street full of newly paved concrete.

    I was sober too!

    People screw up. Ain't no perfection in this life. Whatever mistakes can happen will eventually happen.

  3. How do we know the truck with the crane didn't back into the bus?!