Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stuck Tight On Foster

Traffic was backed up on Foster around noon today, as a truck got stuck under the Red Line viaduct.  The reader who sent these in says, "Apparently a 13-6 truck can't fit under a 11-10 viaduct."  We hope the driver was unhurt during the mishap.


  1. It puzzles me how these drivers can't read. That a serious loss to the company. I don't know how much a trailer costs, but it's gotta be sizable. What I enjoy more than a busted truck though is that these 100 year old bridges which are deficient as is, can still take a truck barreling into them with little to no damage. Imagine if every time a truck collided with a bridge the red Line needed to be closed for a week while an emergency, temporary, bridge was built.

  2. When I used to live beside that viaduct, I regularly hear and see trucks hit and get stuck there, before AND after they renovated/raised the viaduct.