Friday, October 11, 2013

Coyote Run

When the solid grey walls of St. Boniface Cemetery came down, to be replaced with a wrought-iron fence that allows the cemetery to be seen, we didn't anticipate that what would be seen are some of the many urban coyotes that call Uptown home.  A reader snapped these photos Thursday evening during rush hour.

Coyotes are everywhere, and given that fact, it's very lucky for everyone that they are benign neighbors.  Certainly they eat small prey, so keep your min pins and Yorkies leashed, and keep your cats indoors.

But coyotes don't like a lot of interaction with humans, so if you happen to come across one in the park or strolling down the sidewalks -- and chances are that someday you will -- give him the cold shoulder and he'll happily do the same to you.  If they're in a pack, definitely steer clear, and God knows, don't ever corner one, because they are wild animals who will attack when they feel threatened.

Here's what they eat.  According to the Urban Coyote Project, "The most common food items were small rodents (42 percent), fruit (23 percent), deer (22 percent), and rabbit (18 percent)."  Birds and raccoons score pretty high as well, as does grass.  So you can see why the parks and cemeteries appeal to them, and that ripping apart humans and dogs doesn't remotely figure into their daily schedule.

They're here, don't fear, get used to it.


  1. Looks like coyotes are doing their 105% on the food chain.

  2. Why don't they chase them away somehow-who wants to walk around inside there with coyotes walking around .

    1. And the coyotes are probably telling themselves, "Let's chase those humans away, who wants to live their lives with those evil things walking around?" As the article states, turn the cold shoulder and walk away. We cannot keep pushing wildlife to the edge of the world, as there is no edge of the world....

    2. The coyotes are only here because their homes were destroyed for new houses and everything so they moved close inside the city where there is food and water and shelter. Theres nothing wrong with them they're not that big of a deal.

    3. I think hes talking about the cementary.

  3. Thats surprising how far away from the lake they went. I only say that cause on my way to school I was walking down Damen and it was running out of Winnimac Park where it stopped and looked at me and continued running across Damen and down Winona going east.