Friday, October 11, 2013

Baker & Nosh Expands Westward

The newly expanded Baker & Nosh is open for business.  The original storefront at 1303-05 West Wilson is now exclusively the bakery and cafe.  The new space at 1307 seems to be the storage and baking area, and there's an entirely new store at 1309, which is where the expanded cheese and meat department is, as well as the gift section and the extremely yummy gelato.  It's all as appetizing and inviting as B&N 1.0 was, there's just more to love.  Stop by and see what's cooking in the new space.

Incidentally, we understand that all the menu items listed in a post about a month ago, including sour cherry muffins, pumpkin caramel lattes, and tiramisu, are now available.


  1. That stretch of Wilson has been dangerous for my waistline for years. First that fried chicken joint that the African immigrant couple owned. That was consistently the best fried chicken I've ever had. I miss those folks.

    Then to a lesser extent the cupcake place. I was better able to avoid the temptation of cupcakes than I was the chicken.

    Now Baker and Nosh is not only surviving, but thriving.

    Some people avoid Wilson because of the bangers and the bullets. I avoid it because of the threat to my otherwise fine cholesterol level.

    It reminds me of the wedding of one of my at the time rich cousins. She had a dessert TABLE the size of a large living room that people still talk about two decades plus later. Baker and Nosh is like having that down the block and open daily.

  2. I wish them continued success!