Monday, September 23, 2013

Until Next Year

Nothing says the end of the Argyle Night Market like an empty storefront with paper lanterns piled in the window.  We loved having the Night Market here and look forward to its return.

Ald. Osterman says in his Friday newsletter:
"Last night was the final Argyle Night Market with a huge turnout of over 600 people. The Vietnamese Association of Illinois also led a lantern parade in which over 300 people participated!  Thank you to everyone who helped make the market such a huge success, especially Uptown United, Uptown Business Partners, DCASE and all the vendors, entertainers and volunteers who participated every week to make it happen. The Argyle Night Market was a brand new concept for the City of Chicago, mixing a traditional farmer's market with a small street  festival, and we are already looking forward to bringing it back next year!"


  1. I'm impressed with what I saw this year. I believe there is much potential for this. I wonder if anyone has ever thrown around the idea of having a German Christmas market in the Uptown during the holidays.

  2. Argyle Nights was great! ScottFreeCDs, I believe. Lincoln Square hosts a Christkindlmarket.