Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Harvest Festival On Saturday
At Uptown's Newest Community Garden


  1. Why are they calling it the "Moon Harvest" if it only takes place during the day?
    Surely post-moon or pre-moon harvest would make much more sense.

  2. Really? We're going to nitpick over the name of a children's festival now? Is there anything possibly too picayune to bitch about?

    Since it's so important that you know this: The Harvest Moon is the one closest to the Autumnal Equinox, denoting daylight that is longer than usual during the season. This year it takes place on September 18th or so, so this is the nearest weekend to that time.

    Since you are from the city, maybe you don't know that farmers usually don't harvest their crops, even from community gardens, at night. The children and gardeners will harvest during the day.

  3. CN,

    You asked:

    Is there anything possibly too picayune to bitch about?

    I would have preferred you use the word "inconsequential" or perhaps even "insignificant". Picayune just seems like a mean word. Ugly perhaps. Not nice. Lacking character. Perhaps even displaying a skosh of perdition.

    Please make a note of it for future reference.