Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CAPS Beat 1914 To Meet Wednesday

A note from Amy, co-facilitator of CAPS Beat 1914 about the meeting Wednesday evening. This is the beat in which two shootings (the one at Uptown Baptist Church and the one on Wilson east of Broadway) took place, so if you are concerned about safety and solutions, or want to find out information that the police can release to the public, particularly regarding that beat, we recommend you attend. 

"Hello Neighbors- This is your monthly reminder about the monthly CAPS meeting for Beat 1914 (Montrose to Lawrence, the lake to Broadway)-- tomorrow, Wednesday 9-11-13 at 7pm. We will be gathering at the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse (Clarendon and Sunnyside).

This monthly CAPS meeting is your opportunity to talk with your neighbors, community representatives, police officers that work in our neighborhood, and representatives from the Alderman's office about public safety, specific incidents, and areas of concern. Our focus is positive and constructive conversation and problem-solving. Alderman Cappleman has mentioned that he plans to attend this meeting.

We look forward to seeing you!"

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