Friday, August 2, 2013

You Never Know Who'll Show Up At Positive Loitering...

If you're free between 7pm and 8pm, even for a few minutes, stop on by Sheridan & Lawrence and join your neighbors in Positive Loitering.

from the Uptown Chicago Commission:

Positive Loitering has resumed on Friday evenings in the 19th District.  Please join your neighbors for an hour this evening from 7-8 pm, at the southwest corner of Lawrence and Sheridan. Bring a friend, bring a neighbor, bring your dog!  The event is being sponsored by the Uptown Chicago Commission and all are welcome to attend. As always, the Police are aware of and encourage our efforts, and there will be a police officer with us for the duration.


  1. But the gangbangers will just schedule their loitering around yours.

    Rogers Park keeps theirs secret.

  2. Yeah, because gangbangers read Uptown Update, just after they peruse the day's WSJ and take in a little Cat Fancy.

    1. Actually, some do. Occasionally they leave comments. Occasionally they send UU death threats. Occasionally the police have asked us to sit on information because they don't want the gangs to know what they know. Can't vouch for Cat Fancy or the WSJ.

  3. @garyscan tell that to Rogers Park Positive Loiterers! :)
    They are very secretive.

  4. Eh. What's the point. Just yesterday [I'm aware I am posting this late] I called the police after a group of teens tried to steal a bike and threatened people in the neighborhood.
    When they finally arrived, I pointed them out, but they were 1/4th a way down the block [too far for the police?]. The 'officers' just sighed and got back in their cars and drove away.
    This happens all the time in this neighborhood. The police are lazy, the civilians are cowards & the civil servants don't care as long as it doesn't happen on certain streets.