Friday, August 2, 2013

Scam Alert

A reader wrote into UU's Facebook page:
"FYI -- young people claiming to be part of a group called "Youth Empowerment," which they allege to be part of the Trib (it's not), is going through buildings collecting cash and credit cards. Of course, there was no web page or pamphlet or further information they could provide.

Our building was targeted last night. The young people said they they were scheduled to be there and that I couldn't make them leave. Being on the board, I knew that wasn't true.

I ended up having to call the police to get them to leave. This is happening in other neighborhoods too -- a co-worker in West Town got a knock on her door last night.

I recommend calling the police and reporting trespassing when these folks come by. They did get pretty confrontational when I told them to leave.  We are are Hutchinson and Clarendon."
First, someone is using these kids.  Second, legitimate fundraisers do not tell you that you can't make them leave your property.  If this happens to you, please call 911 so the police can figure out who's behind this and stop it from happening again.


  1. Part of gang initiations. Same as candy bar sales and support my basketball team ploys. Its a pre-cursor to selling drugs for the gang. And it shows the leaders who is suited to handle the responsibility of cash.

  2. Actually that is not entirely true....I've never heard of any kids doing candy bar sales or basketball camp/teams bribes for any gangs....why buy the milk when you can have the cow for free? A lot of these so called organizations, teams and candy sales are a hustle. Some are children and teenagers who are actually homeless and this is how they take care of themselves. Some do it as a way to keep up with the drug dealers because they are not clicked in with the drug trade to sale drugs. I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule but as a prerequisite to join a gang....far from true. There are drug dealers that are 9-10 years old, its just that simple. Nevertheless, they are not to be trusted because the motive is not honest and you can have more than your money taken from you.

  3. Not sure what has or hasn't been heard. Just calling it like I know it.

  4. As well as I am. I am all too familiar with the gang culture. I am a social worker who ironically has several gang bangers who are close to my family. Out of them, there is a group of siblings.. 5 siblings to be exact, from Altgeld Gardens who's father was a horrible alcoholic, the teens would go out and hustle money to go to the candy warehouse right by 87th and rhe Dan Ryan expressway to buy more candy to help feed and take care of the younger siblings. They did this for years. They all went to school and even the oldest went to the army. I have several other stories as well, however when you have made up in your mind that your opinion is fact, even fact won't change it. This isn't the 60's, 70's or even 80's where the new recruits are put on probation, there are no trust factors made, nothing to work up too. There is the fear factor, if a "Leader" wants you to sale it comes in the form of actual dealing, no door to door girl scouts tactics.....those candy dealing kids, thugs, "Little turds" or whatever you may call them, are a hustle all their I said not to be trusted as well.... but neither is that outdated after school special that tells the good law abiding citizens to be leary of gang leaders who recruit candy stripers.