Friday, August 2, 2013

State Fire Marshal Withdraws Controversial Proposal

Update from Ald. Cappleman:

"Thanks to all of you who sent in your letters and voiced your opposition at last Wednesday's public hearing at Loyola University. Because of your hard work, the State Fire Marshall has withdrawn his proposal to require water sprinklers in all residential high-rises. A number of Illinois elected leaders told me that never before had they ever been so inundated with so many letters of protest.

I also want to thank State Rep. Greg Harris, State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, State Rep. Kelly Cassidy, State Sen. Heather Steans, and State Sen. John Cullerton. All of them worked tirelessly on this. They clearly heard your voices.

As I've said at last Wednesday's meeting, never in my life have I ever come across such a piece of legislation that would have caused such catastrophic results for residents who did not have the needed $20,000 to retrofit their apartments with water sprinklers. I'm so proud of all of you for responding to make sure your voices were heard.... and they were!"


  1. To bad our alderman doesn't show the same passion for getting rid of the other problems in Uptown

  2. Good thought Tim, we should definitely always look at the negative side of everything...who cares about the things someone is accomplishing, let's just bash them for not being able to fix and tackle every single problem our ward has to offer...all at once. I can't believe that Alderman of ours, the nerve of him trying to save Uptown's high-rise residents thousands of rude.

  3. The alderman here keeps stressing his master plan, which we haven't seen. No new business and developments. We definitely have support for soup kitchens and low income housing. The sad part is one death caused by not adding the sprinklers would justify the expense. It shows what the politicians in Chicago put value of life.
    As for your comment if he accomplished anything it would be great. He himself said " I was against the budget, but timately voted for it". He is a puppet just like most of the adelermen, the sad part is people in Uptown are still focused on how bad Schiller was, which was terrible. We don't realize the current alderman is the same just different stroke.

    I guess spend a bunch of tax payers money for the planters all over was good use of money. They are a great spot of drug dealers to stash drugs etc

    Oh we'll only few more months until hopefully a change takes place

  4. I'm very glad to hear that the sprinkler ordinance was killed. This ordinance would only have imposed a large extra expense on high rise dwellers that many of them simply could not bear, that is not justified by the relatively low risk of fire in these buildings.

    If we're going to impose such a requirement on residential high rise buildings, why,we should then ban automobiles. Auto accidents kill 33,000 people a year nationwide, while house fires kill about 3,400, and fires in residential high rise buildings kill 60 per year across the nation. Yet I doubt that I could drum up much support for banning autos from the readership of this blog, let alone the general population, because most people seem to feel that the benefits of driving outweigh the risks.

    There is no way to make life risk-free without imposing intolerable costs on our population. Will impoverishing the population and rendering more people homeless and unable to support themselves save more lives? This proposal might have rendered quite a few people homeless, and forced many others who are a little better off but not quite affluent, to sell their units because they could not afford another special assessment on top of already-high HOA fees and taxes.

  5. Uh, Tim, if you're so interested in a master plan, I wonder why you didn't know that Cappleman released a new version about a month ago? It was in one of his newsletters. I confess I don't read them all but it was one of their lead stories.

    Read it and then dig up something else you can be mad at him about.

    1. Yes he is great at having a master plan, but no action. I guess words are good enough for most, oh wait Schiller did the same thing. So replaced one puppet with another one.

    2. I guess you didn't both to also read that the Aldermans office did NOT pay for the planters, the Chamber of Commerce did. But hey, that's just a detail, right?