Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just In Time For The School Year

Well, the sign makes it official:  Joseph Stockton School is no more.  The students will now attend Courtenay Language Arts Center in the same building, at 4420 North Beacon.


  1. Kind of an unfortunate choice of logo. It looks like a bullet being shot...

  2. And I hate the color choices. I thought this was going to be for some retro video arcade...not at brand new sign. I guess CPS also fired their graphics designer, at least I hope after this.

  3. There was a very similar looking sign on the original Courtenay School at 1700 Berteau.

    I suspect they closed that school because it's about a block from Rahm's house.

    That way he could say he closed a school close to his home.

    Remember folks it's better to look good than to do good.

    That should be Rahm's motto.

    If he spent less time spinning the often regrettable but necessary decisions being made we would probably be better off.

    Given his sparkling personality he's vulnerable if he gets a real challenger in the next election. Time will tell.

    The natural constituency for undersized 9.5 fingered control freaks who are more concerned with "spin" than telling the truth is small. Mostly just a handful of big donors I imagine.

    Then again you can't beat someone with no one and Rahm is certainly a someone.

    If Preckwinkle joins the race Rahm is toast. She would secure most of the black vote, the white lakefront vote, and probably given her shellacking of Terry O'Brien in her last race virtually every ward in the city without a large "machine" population. I'd even bet she'd beat Rahm in the 19th Ward on the south side. He's not popular among city workers.

    I saw Tom Dart at a wake a few months back and urged him to run, but I don't think he has the necessary fire in the belly. Four kids can do that to a man who is not a complete workaholic.

    The non amusing thing is I realize the horrid financial straits the city and schools are in and many of the decisions being made are necessary. It's just that he's such a colossal arsehole about it.

    Try telling the truth and not spinning it and see if the voters could handle it.

    It ain't gonna happen. It's not part of who he is. He learned at the feet of the Clinton's and those feet are big and stanky. Smells like cheese I imagine.