Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baker & Nosh Expanding, Zarlengo's Gelato On Tap

Rumors have been swirling of Baker & Nosh expanding into the space next door on Wilson that was formerly a hair salon. The rumors have been confirmed on the Baker & Nosh Facebook page:

"I scream
You scream
We all scream for.......Gelato?

Finally! As some of you already know, we have been planning an expansion of our store. This has been in the works since late spring, but unfortunately has taken much longer than anticipated. 

We are now ready to begin work and hope to have this open by the end of September. One of our new offerings that we are most excited about is Zarlengo's Gelato

We have tried many different companies and found Zarlengo's quality to be second to none. This combined with the fact that they are a local, family-owned business just made it a perfect fit.

This is just one of many exciting new offerings we will have, along with some slight remodeling in the bakery to help serve our customers even better. Over the course of the next month, we hope you will bear with us as many changes will be going on, so please pardon our will all be over soon. :-)

We will be posting updates regularly to keep everyone up to speed with our progress and also some of our new offerings."


  1. IF that is Spumoni Gelato- I'm on my way

  2. WELP. It looks as if my diet will now consist entirely of croissant, sausage and gelato.

  3. If it's the same Zarlengo's gelato and italian ice as that in Chicago Heights, this city won't know what hit it. Get in line. I'm not kidding.