Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Uptown Broadway Building Lower Level Club
Getting More Real

A reader sent in these photos of signs that showed up on the Uptown Broadway Building last week.

Nearly a year ago, UBBAR, LLC began the licensing process for a "banquet hall/special events facility."  Now there are signs announcing the applications for a "public place of amusement" license and another for a license to consume alcoholic beverages on the premises.  All part of the same project?  Time will tell.

Neighbors near the Uptown Broadway Building (Leland and Broadway) haven't received their notices of these applications yet, but if Samuel Banks is still the zoning attorney, he knows they're required for everyone within 250 feet of the UBB.

The space in the UBB's basement is 7200 square feet, and extends all the way under the sidewalk.  It has the potential to be something great, and Thad Wong, who bought and restored the building several years ago, is also one of the principals of UBBAR, LLC.  We're eager to see what it eventually ends up being.


  1. I live on Leland/Broadway and I've received 4 notices regarding the application. They've definitely been sent out.

  2. Well then... I live right BEHIND the UBB and I have received crap thus far! Besides the original notice that was sent out over a year ago for a Special Zoning Permit relating to the parking.

  3. Thad Wong is also co-owner of @Properties, just FYI. That explains why the building was purchased originally. Here's hoping something happens with the basement. More businesses in that area are always nice.