Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tree Tags

A reader writes:

"There are several trees with a red Dept. of Forestry tag nailed to them. Does anyone know the significance of this?"



  1. I'm not sure, but a random (large) tree was cut down on Ainslie b/w Marine and Sheridan about 3 weeks ago. Another tree in front of my building on the same street was cut down several years ago in the same fashion. I did some research back then and there was some type of tree "sickness" and they were cutting down many trees in the city that has this (whatever it was). Are the tagged trees on the city streets or in the parks?

  2. are they ash trees? they might be monitoring them for emerald ash borers.

  3. Maybe they are price tags and the city is planning on selling off the trees in order to raise revenue.

  4. The red tag signifies that the tree is an ash tree that has been inoculated to protect against emerald ash borers. The treatment is typically effective for three years, so the tags are stamped with the year of inoculation so that the city knows when it's time for a booster.

    1. Thanks for the information. I live in the 41st ward and just noticed the tag on the tree in front of my house.

  5. Much of the 46th ward will undergo the pesticide injection that Kevin mentions this year. A map on at here, along with lots of info on the issue:

    A number of wards have held community information sessions, including one at Lane Tech in April with city forestry, several city council members, & other public & private members of Save the Ash Tree Coalition.

    1 of 5 parkway trees is an ash & there are an estimated 400,000 on private property. 2013 is what was described in the Lane Tech meeting as the critical 5th year of the local infestation, so many trees that are invaluable for stormwater absorption and summer shade will likely be lost this year. The City Dept of Forestry has decided to go ahead with pesticide injection as a means of trying to save the parkway trees.

  6. tekst... thanks for that information.